What Happens When You Bury Kitchen Scraps in the Garden?

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get a I'm mark from self-sufficiently

and in this video I'm going to show you

what happens when you bury kitchen

scraps in the garden we'll dig down and

find out how these scraps are going

after being buried for a period not only

that but we'll also check out the pros

and cons of burying other things - such

as pigeons chickens fish heads leftover

meats etc let's get into it most of the

time when people mention kitchen scraps

and gardening they think of compost

piles compost bins slash tumblers worm

farms or chickens and they're all good

but many people don't realize the other

eco-friendly way to recycle your kitchen

scraps and it could be the easiest

method of them all depending on your

situation and that is to simply bury

them directly into the garden my

grandparents buried their kitchen scraps