Burying Guns For SHTF? The Perfect Solution. You'll Wanna See This

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I will begin this video by saying that

if it is time to bear your guns it is

time to dig them up

we're definitely living in an odd time

and with many of your friends neighbors

and family willing to give up some of

their basic freedoms for a false sense

of security it's kind of gotten me to

thinking about putting some things in

the ground it's not time to put on the

tent pole hats yet but this past weekend

I recently tried to go from Tennessee

into North Carolina and was met by a

roadblock the Graham County Sheriff's

Office was sitting there and if you

didn't have North Carolina

identification you were turned around so

the first time in my 38 years I wasn't

allowed to travel from state to state

and that struck me as odd it kind of

alerted me and then today I came across