Watch This Video Before Installing Your Next Wood Fence Post – Money Saving Ideas

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in this video I'm going to try and

provide you with a few things that you

should think about before installing

wood fence posts and these basically are

the results of some of the comments left

in the comment area on my youtube

channel so let's go ahead and get

started with the first idea here or

something to think about now if you have

sandy soil

I got sandy soil and clay here if you

have sandy soil the water is going to go

through it a little faster clay it's

going to kind of hang around and stay in

there so this one here would the water's

gonna just kind of drain through this

one here it's going to be like a sponge

it will absorb the water so you're

probably going to have more problems

with clay soil than you will with sandy

soil except and this is another problem