How to Bury a downspout!

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hey guys I'm going to teach you how to

bury your drain your downspout drain so

what you need first and foremost is your

spray paint it doesn't matter what color

you use I had white leftover from

Project you're going to go ahead and lay

out your ten-foot corrugated pipe and

you are going to mark down to see where

you're going to cut out and trench your

trench so they not do way more than what

you need to you're going to need to keep

the rest of your downspout that you took

off from your downspout you're gonna

need a hacksaw a tape measure screws

screwdriver a four-inch 90 degree elbow

and then this little guy here I don't

know what it's called but it's right by

the elbows and it just fits right into

the bottom of your drain spout here

first thing you want to do is take off

your downspout spray paint and then it's