Underground Roof Gutter Drain Pipe

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well I finally decided to get rid of the

gutter downspouts that I've had in my

art for a while and this is what I had

it was just a piece of three inch PVC

pipe with an elbow that connected to the

downspout here problem is kept washing

out all the wood chips that we had here

so what I did is I went to Lowe's and I

bought this section of blacks solid

corrugated pipe and I'm going to connect

it to the downspout bury it just below

the surface and then I bought this

section of irrigation pipe and it's

actually thin it's not a PVC pipe but

this is solid as well you can also get

them with cuts in them to drain out and

I'm going to connect it to the gutter

bury it connect that and at the bottom I

have an elbow and a drape cap so it'll

sit flush to the ground another option

is you can buy this corrugated pipe and