Yard Drain, French Drain, Do it Yourself Project

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Hey good morning Chuck you're with Apple

dreams they were installing a yard drain

it's hooking up downspouts cat spacings

in the yard a lot of low spots really

bright Sun here in Charlotte in the

morning hardest part about this job two

things if you're doing it to yourself

make sure that you mark your area you

can see we're going to actually

discharge right here with a pop-up and

you can see everything that's coming

around here we've got the telephone and

cable we've got the power these

telephone lines the orange lines are not

very deep so we've got to be really

careful there's also a sprinkler system

in the backyard you see the guys out

here already starting to work but I'm

going to go ahead and set up the

trencher remember trenching is easy to

do you just have to be careful