How to install underground downspout for water drainage from roof

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no I'm Blair Gilbert mr. hardware and

we're here today to an install an

underground downspout now what we saw

Gilbert's hardware is an underground

downspout kit it's going to comprise of

a debris filter four inch PVC street 90

a four inch PVC tee and the green

strainer this is going to take and allow

us to catch water straight up the leads

12 10 feet from the house this team the

strainer are going to be our termination

points now what else we need with

diskette go we're not supplying is you

need a bag of pea stone be ten feet a

four inch thin wall that would be

scheduled thirty PVC level a shovel and

a pulse holding and we're going to do is

we're going to do two trench from the

downspout use a debris filter to filter

the water we're going to come out ten

feet from the house we need the level