How to Bury your Dog at Home - Is dog home burial legal and how to do it?

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The death of a beloved pet is  an upsetting and emotional time  

but, because it's something we all know as dog  owners that we will have to face at some stage,  

I wanted to do a series of bereavement videos  discussing topics like when to say goodbye,  

euthanasia and also pet burial. So in this  video we'll discuss pet burial at home.  

There are a number of things to consider before  burying your dog in the garden from whether you  

can legally do it to exactly how it should be  done, the specifics of the gravesite and dealing  

with your pet's body. We'll discuss all aspects of  dog burial so you can feel safe in the knowledge  

that all is well with your best friend's final  resting place. Home burials are a touching and  

private moment and of course a home burial is  less expensive than alternatives like cremation.  

Although the popularity of pet  cremations has increased in recent years,  

it isn't the right choice for everyone. Some  recent stories in the media of people abusing  

the trust put in them will undoubtedly have put  some people off of using pet cremation services.  

Apart from those kind of horror stories, pet  cremation has other pitfalls that you need to be  

aware of, for example there's individual versus  communal cremation. Communal cremation is very  

common when it comes to pets. This is where your  pet is cremated along with other people's pets.  

Always assume the cremation of your pet will  actually be communal unless you're told otherwise.  

So can you perform a home burial for your dog,  

there are a few laws and rules regarding home  pet burial that you will need to be aware of.  

As long as you own the property (for  example you're not renting), as long  

as the property is used for domestic purposes  (i.e it's your home) and as long as your dog  

lived there (although quite frankly who's going  to check that part) you CAN bury your pet at home.