How to Bury Downspouts

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I always tape your fittings so that the

tree roots and the shrub roots don't

find their way into your downspout

system tile tape all of your fittings we

like the 4 inch and width and tile tape

is not like duct tape it's super super

sticky and amazingly stretchy it forms a

seal a beautiful seal look at that and

it last 200 years that's what it's rated

for that tree that little tree one day

is going to be a big tree and that one

already is a big tree those roots travel

so you can see how Marcello's got the

virgin yellow solid we want it to be a

tight fit see see how you put does that

we want it to be tight like that we

don't want this coming apart we want

this to stay together forever so then

you just go ahead and throw some dirt on


notice how this one didn't need a riser