The Easiest Way to Bury Cable Or Wire Underground

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hi this is Brad with Copper Creek cuts a

lawn care and landscaping company in

Northeast Florida going to be installing

a landscape lighting kit on one of my

clients homes this video is going to

look at the tools that we need to

complete that installation so we'll go

ahead and take a look at some of them

first starting with the digging tool we

have our trusty shovel this is the

extent of the digging equipment that you

have to have it's probably the worst

choice to use but it's probably

something that most homeowners already

own if you're interested in spending 20

or 25 bucks whatever it costs at Lowe's

to make some parts of the job a little

easier then you'll want to look at this

trenching Spade this is a 4 inch

trenching space it does the same thing

as your regular shovel but takes less