Protecting Bulbs from Squirrels and Burrowing Rodents

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squirrels and other rodents can't resist

sinking their teeth into the juicy bulbs

that we so conveniently put out in the

garden each fall while we don't intend

to feed wildlife with our bulbs that's

often the result especially with those

tasty tulips so today we're going to

look at a way to protect our bulbs from

rodents and we're going to make use of

one of two materials we can use hardware

cloth with half-inch openings or chicken

wire which have more about 1-inch

openings if you're planting very small

bulbs like this you'll want to use the

smaller openings because a squirrel can

pull that right out through the chicken

wire so we're planting hyacinth and cam

Asiya and the chemisty is taller so

we're gonna put that in the back so

we're gonna start I just remove the

mulch from this area and we're gonna