OSRS Tutorial: Gilded Altar Prayer EXP Boost

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hello everybody corpse here here coming

at you with a little tutorial today

today we're gonna be doing gilded altars

which is basically to take your bones

that you've collected you take them to

someone's house and you use them on this

thing called the gilded altar and it ups

the prayer XP as opposed to burying them

exponentially so I'm gonna run you

through a couple basics that you'll need

before you even go to the place where

you're gonna get the guilted altar so

you're gonna need gold you're gonna need

to be using that gold to take your bones

from noted to unnoted it's gonna cost

you five GP for each and every note that

you convert so you can definitely

calculate exactly how much you'll need

and then just go there but I also like

to bring a tip for the guy whose house

I'll be using cuz I don't know him and