🐍ARK EASY BASILISK TAMING + ALL ABILITIES!! Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Basilisk Taming

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okay so you want to know more about best

liske how to tame it and what it can do

well I think you came to the right place

the basilisk a creature that tries to

hide and blend in nature tries to lo you

with its nice tentacles like this yum

yum yummy I want to have that in my

tummy tummy tummy but when you get

closer if you'll jump out of the ground

and it will try to kill you and it will

spit poisonous blows at you so you

better run before you die this creature

is really awesome it has some amazing

abilities we're gonna check those out in

a moment as well but first of course you

want to know how to tame it well I

needed to do some digging I needed to do

some testing but I think I did enough

testing to show you how to tame this one

so let's dive right into this so you

want to tame one well first you need to