How To Bury Loot In DayZ

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well hello again random viewer welcome


I'm Archie stormcloud and I want to

thank you for tuning in to my basic

skills guide part 1 hidden stashes how

to bury loot from gear to guns to ammo

to your ex-girlfriend revenge porn I'm

gonna show you how to bury it and

recover it safely let's get started so

to make a stash you need a container

such as a teddy bear dry sack first-aid

palette protector case the cooking pot

waterproof backpack ammo can refrigerate

er wooden case or sea chest links to

each of these will be in the description

to help you find and lastly you need an

earth turning instruments such as any

variety of shovel you can find incheon

ours it's so simple to make stashes find

a container and find a safe secluded

spot to bury it stick all your highest