How To Stash (Bury) Items | DayZ On Xbox/PS4

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what's up guys so a legend here again

with another Daisy how-to on the Xbox

and today I'm gonna teach you guys how

to stash items in the ground yes

that means bury items in the ground that

you can come back and unbury whenever

you want all you're gonna have to do is

remember or favorite that server so that

you can always get your items back

because if you go to a different server

they're obviously not going to be there

because all of your stuff is just

character based so now that you can bury

stuff or stash items you're gonna have

to remember your server all you're gonna

need is a shovel first off to bury

things items that you can bury are gonna

be small protective cases waterproof

bags first-aid kits cooking pots teddy

bears ammo cans dry backpacks and once