The Sims 4 - Guide - How to generate a tombstones/urns from your Ghost Sims!

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hello my name is Daniel and I'm about to

explain to you how to make ghost live

and gear grave grapes grape stones from

them get tombstone from ghost I'm gonna

show you how to deal with all the ramp

it goes get urns and get tombstones from

ghost because the sims 4 does not give

you a way to do it so I'm gonna go ahead

and show you how I'm not gonna mess with

a just yeah I made I made my own little

I'm gonna make a graveyard and that's my

grave keeper he's uploaded into the

gallery in case you're interested and

getting them just type in grave keeper

just want someone to share just one

another I changed his clothes and stuff

that's why that's there's two there okay

so to begin with you do need mods you do

you do need mods to get this is the

website that has it written down the the

person is was kind enough to even