How To Set A Pressure Treated 4x4 Wood Post, Carpentry Tips

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now what you're going to want to do is

just open a close the handle and as you

close them then they open up when you

open the handles of course the reverse

action is that they they closed so

you're going to go down with this open

like so go straight into the hole open

up the handles and then pour out you

pull out your dirt okay so you're going

to want to do that about 18 inches or so

now good way to testing this is I want

about 18 inches from the surface here

all the way to the bottom of the hole so

I've got the 18 inches let me show you a

device here that I've attached and I'll

explain what this is about

now how am I going to tell whether my

post is straight or not so this is a

level for a post it captures one quarter

one corner of the post itself so what I

can do is to see if I'm left or right is