How to Fix (hack) Your Dead Power Wheels Battery

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hey folks want to do a video on how I

upgraded or hacked the fisher-price

power wheels battery so this guy right

here is your standard fisher-price it's

12 volt 12 volt nine and a half amp hour

battery right so what I did was I popped

this guy off the top right so originally

we had this guy sitting in here okay

that's out of there and popped it off

and I yeah be careful kind of when

you're popping this thing off there's

some stuff in here you don't wanna get

but if you go straight in through here

with the screwdriver I'm so Chan's you

go straight in with a screwdriver right

straight today and pop it off you

shouldn't hit anything okay dude be

right here okay

let's go straight in here and pop it off

or pry it down pry up probably so you

don't crack you want to crack this thing

right here okay

just sitting in here so you pop that guy

off go around the edges to that type of


watch out over here you don't want to

puncture this stuff okay and then all

you do is it's attached to these wires

here and in here okay and all you do is

you just clip those off all right so

that's what I did here okay you see I

clipped the white one off and the black

one kind of went around clip that off

the white is the positive the black is

the negative and then I just attached


inline 30 amp fuse holder there's a 20

amp fuse in there now let's see if that

works I'll let you know in the

description below and all this stuff

that I bought I got on Amazon and all

those links would be in description

below but anyway so then I just attached

this inline fuse holder right here okay

using a pair of crimpers regular wire

tool there and then I put these on the

end okay see these and then over here I

got the new battery charging okay so

remember that one that other one was 12

volt 9 amp power and this one is a 12

volt 12 amp hour so it's gotta last even

longer and I just got it on the on the

charge or the generic

but should be able to use I haven't

tried it yet but you should be able to

use the standard fisher-price charger

I'm not sure because it seems like my

trash everywhere seems like you know

there must be something going on up here

for all that battery space so I don't

know they got this thing back here I

know what that thing does but that's why

I just want to make sure to use the

trickle charger over here it's cooking

away yeah that's that and then once once

this is all done I'll take my little rig

here okay and go to the positive with

this wire which I think let's see a

positive is gonna be over here

hopefully it is G's already hooked up

the charger plug that side in right

there okay to the little tab and same

thing over here okay and then this will

just give power to the to the power

wheels itself so yeah that's what it

looks like real easy

here's the biggest reason you do this

right this battery over here is twenty

six twenty seven dollars okay you

cannibalize this thing so it's free and

this was seven or eight dollars there

might be better options out there on

Amazon or maybe you can find them

locally bring it down to maybe five

bucks or something but we're looking at

what thirty five tops okay this battery

over here complete sixty five seventy

dollars so you could get two of these

whole setups granted you have to buy

this piece right here and those pieces

these pieces are available online as

well on Amazon but you can buy this

whole kit actually on Amazon but at any

rate that's what I did and you know you

can buy basically set up two of these

for the same prices you get for one if

you do it yourself and it's real simple

you know you just kind of connect these

wires here connect these guys on the end

strip them and connect you know strip

from and crimp them okay that's um you

know for crimping crimping you're

definitely gonna want one of these tools

like you don't want to be using

your pliers or whatever okay you want to

crimp right inside of here okay so and

make sure you use the stranded side on

the strippers up here okay

so twelve I think that's all 12-gauge

use all 12 gauge wire so you're gonna

want 12 weird strippers 12 gauge

connectors and then use the 16 to 10


yeah and that's that so yeah so that's

that I hope I hope you enjoyed that

video I hope you can save some money

like I said all the links we mean

description below if you have any

questions let me know