How to Bring A Plant Back To Life in 12 Hours

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hi everyone Greg here now when I go

shopping I always like to see if I can

find a bargain and today I was shopping

at the supermarket and I noticed this

plant was on special for $2 $49 and this

is a reason why it's for sale for $2 40

half dying all the leaves are drooping

it doesn't look happy at all so today

I'm going to show you how to save one of

these plants that is on its deathbed to

bring it back to life and make it happy

and healthy again it's actually really

easy to do let me show you how so

basically all you're gonna need is a

plant tray like this that holds your

water so let's for starters get this

planned out of the bag see what we're

dealing with

yeah that looks terrible doesn't it I

mean the leaves are all drooping the

soil here it's like a rock-hard

it feels very rooted in let's see if we

can just take a look yeah lots of roots

there and this is very dry so basically

all we need to do is give this a really

good soaking so we'll just put that in

here grab the watering can and water

this hopefully it is soaking in really

well and what I want to do is pretty

much just fill up this whole container

with water so that the plant just sits

in the water and really soaks in and

we'll give that a whole day well at

least overnight and tomorrow we'll come

back take a look at this plant and see

how well it's doing now it's not gonna

make the flowers start flowering again

right now but hopefully it will get the

leaves up and it would be looking a

whole lot healthier let's come back

tomorrow and have a look now it's the

next day and just take a look at this

plant it has completely changed even

some of the flowers have come back the

leaves are full again looks like a brand

new plant now it does have some bits

here which didn't come back they're

still green and they might come back so

what I might do is cut these back here

and there's another bit at the back here

which looks like it might have died this

bit here so I might trim that off so I'm

not just trim this above the stalk there

remove some of these leaves and

hopefully these will reshoot again they

may not and if they don't I'll just cut

it right back at the base but hopefully

these will reassert again and at the

back here this bit here looks like it's

fully dyed so I'll just cut that off

I'll get rid of some of these that other

dead leaves say but there you go a plant

that was thrown away pretty much at a

really discounted price brought back to

life in a very simple and easy way so

next time if you see a plant in a lot of

distress remember just soak it in a lot

of water overnight and now I'll just

keep it in the water and I'll probably

refresh that water give it one more day

in water and then just drain it out and

just leave it as a normal plant watering

it whenever it needs to be watered

anyway thanks for watching and I'll see

you next time here's your eyes


is great the garden