How To Revive Any Dying Plant in 3 Eazy Steps : Root Rot Treatment : Plants Issues And Solutions

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hey guys this is sheesh and you are on

bonsai and gardening zone and this video

is all about how to revive a dying plant

and identify all the signs of plant

damage and the best solutions for any

issue a plant can have so was this

entire video to note tried and tested

hex to save a dead plant guys you saw a

nice plant in a shop or nursery you

brought it in your home and for months

it did great but suddenly it started to

decline and you are wondering what went

wrong is it trying can I save it well

guys if your plant has turned brown and

lost leaves don't give up on it

even if a plant looks dead doesn't mean

that it is dead there is possibility

that you can revive almost dead plant if

the plant still has some life branches

or stem though diagnosing that what's

wrong with your plant is not always so

easy the problem could be too much Sun

or very less a dry climate or just poor

soil maybe over watering or under

watering over fertilization or even some

disease most people immediately assume

that they should water their plant but

an extra dose of water can actually harm

a dying plant and things become worse so

the question is can you revive a dying

plant and the answer is yes first of all

the dying plants root must be alive to

have any chance of coming back to life

some healthy white root means that the

plant has a chance to come back it's

even better if your plant system still

shows the signs of green

now guys this is a hibiscus plant and it

is dying

I was out of the town for a few days and

meanwhile this plant has been over

watered I am pretty sure that this is

because of root rot which caused by over

watering or fungal infection now I'll

show you how to save this dying plant to

get started I trim back all the dead

leaves so the root have less to feed and

can recover more efficiently next I'll

keep trimming the dead part of the

branches until I see green with each

stream I am checking the color of the

center of stem even if your stem appears

dead you may find it's still alive and

green in the center see this branch is

still green that means it has a high

chance to survive

ideally new stems will grow from these

trimmed stems but this is not sufficient

if roots are rotting now I start working

on the roots

I am taking this plant out of this pot

see this root ball is not looking

healthy I'll remove all this oil from

the root ball do it very gently make

sure not to damage feeder roots now I

clean the roots throughout with water

now these roots are clean and free with

the old soil I have cut all the rotten

and soggy roots see there are still some

healthy white roots now time for the

magic potion yes

it's hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide

helps Ariat soil which should help to

prevent future case of root rot when it

is absorbed into the soil the hydrogen

peroxide breaks down and release oxygen

these extra high oxygen levels will make

sure your roots are healthy and strong I

diluted in water by adding about 10 ml

hydrogen peroxide in 200ml of water

I am dipping these roots in it for about

two minutes after this was the old pot

throughout and sundry it's so that if

there is any old infected soil then it

would not infect new soil now I put this

brick chip on the drainage hole to stop

soil to drain out now I am filling it

with new well-drained potting soil

I'll keep this pot in shady area where

it will get some in direct sunlight it

can take anywhere between a few weeks to

a few months until your plant makes a

full recovery so be patient and keep a

close eye on your plants progress during

this time guys it's been a month since I

reported this plant and as you can see

this is back to the life

many new shoots has come and now this

plant is looking healthy now you know

how to check for your plants chance of

living which is almost sad but unlike

this hibiscus plant most solutions to

your plants health issues are very easy

to fix either it is indoor or outdoor

house plant all these sick plants give

warning signs of distress all you need

to do is to get familiar with certain

warning signs in most of the cases your

plant suffers from too much water

when tips of the leaves start turning

brown like this this may be the sign

that you are over watering stop adding

fertilizer or plant foot to your plant

soil until it's fully recovered the

roots are very sensitive and need time

to heal you will know that your plant is

fully recovered when the new leaves of

the plant return to its original green

color and the soil is neither too moist

nor too hard

what are only when the top one inch of

the soil is dried too much direct Sun

can squash the leaves causing them to

curl or turn white and drop all plants

respond differently to Sun some plants

thrive in full sunlight while others

cannot handle the stress of direct

sunlight sudden changes in a plant's

environment like relocating to a

different spot can put your plant in


look up to your plants specific Sun need

so you will know that exactly how much

Sun your plant desires and where it can

thrive the most keep your Sun damaged

plant in shade plant will probably drop

the damaged leaves so don't panic

plants are the perfect place for common

pests to invade thankfully most pests

are very easy to get rid of


mix three ml of neem oil in one liter of

water and spray it every 20 days or when

you spot any damage viruses also damage

plants and it shows symptoms like

discoloration and distortion in leaves

shoots stems flowers or fruits sometimes

virus eventually kill the plant severely

infected plants can never be revived and

there is nothing you can do about it to

stop transmitting infection from one

plant to another you should discard or

burn the infected plant never use that

plant for composting also never reuse

that soil as well because these

pathogens and viruses lives for years in

the soil sometimes your plants may be

hungry and in need of the nutrition this

can happen if you have not added

fertilizer or plant foot to replenish

the nutrition in the soil your plant

uses up a lack of nutritions can inhibit

a plant's overall ability to thrive

since it has nothing to fuel and support

its growth add some compost or liquid

fertilizer twice a month to give

required nutrition's your plant need

if the roots are wrapping around the

interior of the pot or poking out of the

root ball and drainage holes it's time

to report your plant choose a pot that

is slightly larger than the root ball

and make sure the pot has sufficient

drainage holes on the bottom replace the

old soil with rich organic and

well-drained soil guys you have to

diagnose a dying plants problem in time

to cure it but if you feel that a plant

like this has crossed the point of

returning after trying to bring it back

to life don't waste your time and effort

on it just let it go and start again

with something fresh well guys that's

all for now hope you find this video

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