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- Hello my beautiful friends and family of Team Acne.

Today, I'm going to be showing you some very graphic clips,

so if you are not ready for that,

I would suggest to not continue on with this video.

Do not continue watching this.

Just click off, go to another acne video,

but today, I'm going to be showing you me popping cysts

that I've had in the past just to prove a point to you

that when you pop those cysts they actually

do not get better, they get much worse.

You may have heard me say this before

on this channel or on other channels.

I've made a video called

"What Happens When You Do Not Touch A Pimple?"

I think for seven days.

That one went viral, it has multiple millions of views,

and the point of it is just telling you

that when you pop a cyst or a pimple, really anything,

when you pop it, you think that, right, like the idea,

and of course this is why I used to do it too,

is you get the white out, right,

and once you get the white out,

then your face can heal quicker,

then the cyst or the zit can go away faster, right?

It only makes sense, right?

It's only logical, but it's not true.

So the one thing that happens oftentimes

when you try to pop a cyst or a zit

is that, like, I know we've all been through this, right,

so just bear with me right here,

when you try to pop it, it doesn't pop, right?

So you think okay, I can push a little harder.

You kind of have like a limit where you're like okay,

I'll push a little tiny bit harder

and then it'll come out, but if it doesn't come out,

then that's when I'll back off.

So just maybe one more little bit of pressure.

Okay, it didn't happen, okay.

And then you sit there, and you're like, okay,

but it was very close, I could feel it,

it was at the pressure point where it's about to pop.

So then you push it a little bit harder,

and then eventually, you either get it to pop,

or you don't get it to pop and you're annoyed

because you were like I shouldn't have done that

and you have that immediate regret, right?

Right afterwards you think damn it,

I wish I would have done nothing, because now,

if you didn't get it to pop, it's way red,

it's way swollen, and it's way inflamed immediately.

If you did get it to pop, well, what happens is that

that will, it'll, at the very acute exact moment,

it'll look like it's kind of smaller

'cause you got some of that white out, right?

But either way, either one, if it did or didn't pop,

by putting all that pressure on it, you don't know this,

but the cystic sac that is in your face, or the pimple,

there's the top part that you're trying to open, right,

to get the white out, but the bottom of it below your skin

is also having that pressure applied to it as well,

and oftentimes, more often than not,

the bottom of that sac gets erupted,

and so it actually pops below into your face, in your skin,

and what will happen is over the next 24 to 48 hours,

it will swell, right?

Just like if you had any sort of body injury,

that area swells, and so again,

I know you guys have been through this,

and even I had been through this and I would still pop,

even though I knew this knowledge.

It would get twice, three times,

four times as big the next day, extra red, really colorful,

and for me, it would make it, if I tried to pop a cyst,

it would make it last for I don't know how much longer,

maybe three, four times as long.

The longest cyst that I ever had was four months,

and then it was still there to up to like six months

until it was fully clear and gone off my face.

I know what I'm talking about with cysts,

I know what I'm talking about with pimples.

You do not want to put pressure on them.

Now, there is times that you can lance them.

In the future, I will make a video where I show you how

to properly pop, or drain, a pimple,

but I would say in the majority, and I would say almost

in all cases, even the ones where you could pop them,

I would say you're best off to not pop them,

and I know what you're thinking right now,

what am I gonna do, Brian?

Am I gonna walk around with a big whitehead on my face,

is that what I'm supposed to do?

I know it's tough, but yes, you are.

Even though you think that the white is way worse

than the red, it's way, way less concerning when you

just have a little whitehead than if you have a giant,

red, marbleist type, like a big marble on your head.

It's just, like, it's just a fact.

Like, you think that you're gonna feel better,

and then you pop it and you're gonna feel way worse tomorrow

and you're gonna try to hide your face,

and it's just not good for you.

So, even beyond the visual aspect though,

just having it go away faster,

what will happen is if you do not pop a pimple

and you just let it stay white,

the whiteness under it will actually harden,

and I know this is kind of crazy,

but it'll harden and become solid instead of being goo,

and then eventually, usually it takes about seven days,

but it can be up to 14 days, I know,

it's better than six months of a cyst being, you know,

post-popped and then it comes back again with white again,

so you pop it again, so you keep the cycle going,

eventually, what will happen if you don't touch it at all,

don't aggravate it at all, that white will harden,

and then naturally, it'll fall out,

whether it's when you're sleeping

and you're kinda moving around,

there's a little bit of pressure on your face

or it kinda scrubs into something,

or if you're in the shower with

the steam kind of wettening the area,

the steam will soften it,

but then the hard part will pop out,

and I know you just heard me say

there will be a little bit of scraping or pressure,

that's not you putting that pressure on there!

You don't wanna put that pressure on there!

When it's ready to come out, it'll come out naturally.

There will be a large hole there

because that solid part just came out of it,

and you'll have to wait a day or two

but that solid hole will very quickly close up

and it'll be like there was nothing there at all.

It'll be literally gone.

I know this is tough to do.

It is very hard to get to that point where you can do that

but it is so important to do that,

and once you do it probably the, maybe not the first time,

but after you've done it maybe two or three times,

you start to realize, okay, this is the right way to do it,

this is the way that's gonna make it the least impact,

cause the least scarring, it's going to work the fastest.

In the long run, you know, in the long run of two

or three weeks, it'll be gone, versus two or three months.

So I know what I'm talking about.

Do this, try this, and if you do touch it,

then don't, that doesn't count as results, right?

So if you do, if you like you fall into temptation

of popping it, you can't say that it didn't work for you

'cause you didn't hold back on it,

and I don't know, if you need to,

you can wear like a hat or a beanie to cover it

or something like that, but even with that,

don't cover it, just be proud of yourself,

don't let other people belittle you

and make you feel devalued, just rock your life, man,

just do what you know is right.

Throughout this video you have been seeing a few clips

where I had in the past recorded me popping cysts

or having people pop the cyst for me,

and again, I already know you people are commenting

you should've used gloves, alcohol, et cetera, et cetera,

you shouldn't be touching your face period

with your fingers.

That's for sure, but regardless,

that's not why I'm showing you it.

I'm showing it to show you that when you pop it,

it gets worse, it gets more exacerbated.

So I'm showing you clips where I have popped it,

I'm showing you what it looks like right afterwards,

and then I'm showing you videos of days or weeks

after I had popped the cyst and what it looked like.

You can see that it's much bigger,

very, very irritated, and very red.

(sighs deeply)

So, there you go, that is this video for today.

I just wanted to give you guys kind of a,

show you a couple of those pops that I've done before

and kind of give you some information behind

why you should not do it, and just maybe encourage you

to more properly take care of your zits and your skin care.

I love you guys.

You are not alone, you are absolutely beautiful,

and you are part of Team Acne.

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I love you guys, and I'll see you in the next video.