Putting an object behind another in Photoshop

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okay in this video I'm going to show you

how to take this water and put it in

front of Bugs Bunny's feet like he is

standing in the water so I'm going to

make sure that I am clicked on my

background layer then I'm going to go up

to my quick selection it's the second

one down on the right on the right side

of the tool panel get my click selection

and I'm going to make sure I'm clicked

on the background layer and I'm going to

click and drag this doesn't have to be

perfect but I definitely don't want to

be that high because that won't really

look effective so I'm going to cut some

of that back off

okay so that's about right you want your

selection to at least cover his legs

because we're going to put this water in

front of his legs so as soon as you have

a good portion of it selected I'd like

for you to right-click on it and go to

layer via copy now keep in mind that

when you right-click you will not see

layer via copy unless you are on a

selection tool

okay so that just makes a new layer it's

on layer 2 and we want it to be above

the layer of Bugs Bunny so I'm going to

click and drag it above layer 1 and now

it looks like Bugs Bunny's legs are

inside of the water