Importing Images in Photoshop - Photoshop for Beginners

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hi and welcome in my another episode of

Photoshop explained series where you can

learn Photoshop from very beginning step

by step until advanced level my name is

Marty Nichols and I'm going to be your

instructor in this episode I'm going to

show you how to import how to open

images in Photoshop if you already been

working in Photoshop you probably know

that the easiest and the most basic way

to open images is through file and just

open then you have to find your picture

you want to open in Photoshop and that's

it however I cannot agree it's the

easiest way and for sure it's not the

best and the fastest way to open images

in Photoshop let me show you another

example another way to open image in

Photoshop you have to find the file with

your images on your computer when you

open it you just have to simply drag it

to your Photoshop and that's it as you

can see very fast and the pictures you

want to see the pictures you want to

open your Photoshop are very well

visible you can choose you can see what

you want so for sure that method it's a

bit better than opening through file and

open however however there is something

more there is something much more better

it's opening through browse in bridge

the best way is to find you your image

to find our images we want in bridge to

do this we have to pick file and then

just browse our image in bridge you

don't have to be worried if you have

Photoshop you already have Bridge on

your computer both things are connected

to each other so then you have to find

your file with images on your computer

sorry for the mess I have on my desktop

and as you can see we can see all the

images right here all the images are

right here and it's very easy to look at

for example I'm going to find some image


choose the image and why it's so great

because we can see all the properties of

the image we can see the size of the

image we can see how many pixels this

image has and we can see how many bits

this image has as you can see here's

8-bit and most of the pictures 1/2 is

8-bit the difference with our pictures

now pictures has 16-bit so you can

notice this pink right here and as you

can see it's very easy to preview the

images we want it's not on one thing

which is that great in bridge because

you can simply hold ctrl or command if

you work in a Mac and choose many

pictures as you can see then you can

look at more pictures at once so it's

really great to choose between pictures

and for me it's the best way to work

with Photoshop to open your pictures

through Adobe bridge it gives you more

opportunities because you can open

simply picture in Camera Raw but about

camera in another episodes how to work

in camera so to open picture through

bridge just simply click right and open

image and this image will be simply

imported to your Photoshop thank you for

watching this episode I hope you enjoyed

I hope you learned something new I hope

you will be using bridge since now and

see you soon in another episode of

Photoshop explained thank you