How to Help Someone with Depression (32 Tips for when they don't want to talk) Depression Skills #2

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I once worked for a client for a year in residential treatment

who would not talk in therapy and you know what?

she got better

if they won't talk, don't give up

there's a lot you can do to still be helpful work on yourself

don't force it and create

those opportunities for connection it the only tool

you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail

so here's some suggestions other tools that could help

if they don't want to talk

Check to make sure that you a safe place for them

that you are creating an environment

where they feel comfortable talking work on yourself

go to therapy, educate yourself, etc.

find out their love language and show them love

regularly show them physical affection in an appropriate

way, sit with them, hug them, hold their hand

or squeeze their shoulders help them find words for their

emotions by using reflective listening

or if it's your child by using

other emotional intelligence activities

help them develop confidence and hope

through challenging activities and appropriate expectations

many people and often males don't have

words to work through their emotions

find another way I'm gonna give some examples here

that are pretty stereotypical so with kids it's through play

and stories and hugs and

roughhousing that they process emotions

with men it might be physical challenges like

boy scouts or high adventure with

girls it's social bonding and self care

shopping and spa

massages and hanging out with friends

Find something meaningful to them a cause they care about

and do some service in that area hard

physical labor where you can see a outcome

sometimes it just feels great to mow the lawn or

chop some wood or finish a project just sit with them

spend time in the same space, reading or knitting

or what ever invite them to do other things with you

go on an outing find out what hobbies and interests they have

and do that together or develop new hobbies together

invite them to just hang out with you

tell them they can come to your place to watch a show or do their homework

loneliness is the worst, so do what you can

to invite them to be with you consider

a certified sand tray or play therapist

they work with people on a deep level, but with out words

try to do the

occasional ridiculous or hilarious random thing with them

do something meaningful or uplifting with them, like service

a physical challenge, a 5K or

join some cause together shoot some hoops

spend quality time together that isn't about their depression

take them to the store with you or go fishing or eat a meal together

help them with something like yard work or a project

get outside nature can heal

music can heal it's inherently emotion

go to a church, a concert, or make a playlist

I even have a depressing play list that I use to connect

with clients sometimes

keep showing up, let them know you are thinking of them invest time

and energy in them even if they don't reciprocate

If your the parent of a teen it's not uncommon

for them to tell their parents little about their inner lives

see if you can create opportunities for them to interact with

a third party adult like a coach a teacher

or other person they look up to

for me this person was my crazy high school art teacher

Zan Burningham try expressive art projects

throw some paint, or throw some pots

do some expressive dance or just go to a zumba class

go to them, just go sit in their room

work on your stuff while

they do their thing to talking required

pump up the oxytocin that's the love hormone

so pet a furry animal hold a baby or play with kids

write them a nice note or an expressive letter

Invite them to write they could write you

about what's going on or send an email or a

text and even

the simple act of journaling has been shown to be

beneficial for mental health or make something for them a

sentimental gift or a batch of cookies

Now I know it's difficult when you care deeply about someone but they

don't want to talk about whats going on for them but hang in there just

keep connecting with them and let them know you are available for them

in what ever way works best for them

your probably making more difference than you realize

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Thanks for watching and take care!