Bringing Coma Patients Back To Life (2001)

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for six months this man Lena waking coma

for eight months more he could not speak

at all

at 19 just sort of this family wedding

Haakon karaduman was in a car crash that

almost ended his life dr. Lizardo the

doctor said this one won't live on money

I kept on crying they said he won't live

he's dead it's better that his mother

forgets him but his mother refused to

give up on him she managed to get in

referred to the shmita clinic in

southern Germany where Professor

schürrle has pioneered new techniques to

bring coma patients back to life

Quinn posits all basic principle the

basic philosophy is the principle of

hope if we had no hope of a positive

prognosis nothing would come of these

patients it would be a self-fulfilling


Hawkins spent three years of the clinic

part in young by Oh ten years ago I was

in this room but I can't remember

anything about it unfortunately like

that oh good thanks be to God I got my

son not altogether healthy not like

before that's better yeah my gun's give

them all together well I will never be I

know that thank god he's healthy my son

ah gangs club professor Shona claims an

80 to 85 percent success rate in

bringing people back from a vegetative


patients often written off by colleagues

in acute medicine about how can well

often see Kiki with hackin doctors who

handled him at first in the acute clinic

were clearly of the opinion that nothing

would become of heavy scindia's often

the parents the mother then say they

don't want to give the organs they want

their son or daughter to continue to

live how can came to us in a very early

stage and then he slowly developed when

has he's done talk long something ticket

Reiner dreja had made

by accident and has been in a vegetative

state for six or seven months eyes open

conscious but hard to reach professor

Shirley's initial diagnosis is made by

measuring the electrical activity of the

brain the first step when Reiner arrived

was to find out what he could perceive

magnetic resonance imaging scans were

done see what areas of the brain were

injured an electro physical task aegs to

register brain waves Browns work that's

all quietly now it's not bad what we're

doing it doesn't hurt at all quiet the

first element is very important to find

when they are more awake more present

their brain more ready for activity and

because then we have a window for

therapeutic intervention the clinic

works to re-establish a day/night rhythm

in the day they use every means possible

to stimulate the patient's continuing to

pray for signs of consciousness we are

to host a large fireplace incorrect

sentences are played back to the

patients if the patient registers a

mistake his brain responds with

electrical activity if so it indicates

there is a window of consciousness in

the patient's brain over is where

there's a will there's a leader too many

Kirk's father nothing Reiner is reacting

to sentences where the last word doesn't

fit this response to language gives the

doctors hope that he may come out of his

vegetative state

intensive daily physiotherapy also helps

in the long process of reawakening

physical activity is seen as a way of

jump-starting the brain patients are

lifted onto their feet and help to use

their limbs diffuser tell RP hoddan's in

physiotherapy has the purpose not only

to keep the periphery the joints and

muscles fit so that they don't seize up

but with patients still in a coma we

will lift them up onto their legs than

tripping then all the reflexes spring

into action again again it's like when

we stretch in your eyes it gives us a

hole in the so-called rec ticular system

the waking center which activates sleep

in the brainstem deep in the brain also

seen as crucial to recovery is the

presence of relations Ferg I hit as much

money vanish booboo dirts a pot I

sometimes compare it to a broken mirror

the person all around the patient are

broken pieces of the world the adopters

the therapists the nurses around all

strangers whereas the family exists

exists although he knows what they look

like from small pieces he can

reconstruct these people currently

yummiest he's a person with a consulate

young professor Shana is hopeful that

within 18 months Ryan should have

permanent contact with the world he'll

probably still be in a wheelchair but

should be able to eat and to express his


still at an earlier stage is Michael

Whitmer once a keen sailor now in a deep

coma following a car accident

his wife pays privately for him to have

the combination of intensive therapies

on offer her so determined is she not to

write him off she watches him carefully

for signs of consciousness finish lived

when he sleeps not a very deep sleep

like now but on a different level I

think he has sometimes such a contented

face like a little smile I think he has

beautiful dreams do you also see eye

movements then he is in fact dreaming

yes professor Charla concedes that not

every coma patient is reachable if

they've tried every method for a year or

more and got no reaction the probability

is the patient won't come back but he is

adamant that you have to try then-new a

depressant and cleaners and diluting my

polish we get a different solution if

you only clinically test a patient in a

vegetative state you have no idea of

their objective potential that means

that you must do these investigations

but if you don't and you let the patient


you are practically killing someone who

could have had the possibility of

resuscitation deed of the mudra code so

I know this it's ensuing harm

is that right what he shrugs like that

it means I don't know

rhinos parents were told that their son

would never come round from his coma and

react again bad that was a deep blow for

us thought but nevertheless we never

gave up hope

he gave it hackin has had to give up the

hope of returning to his previous job as

a car mechanic but he can speak three

languages enjoy his life and ride his

bike even the old can leave now I can't

do that job anymore but nevertheless I'm

very grateful that the Schmieder clinic

exists in Ellensburg because they've

brought me this far they're very good