How to Bring a Tree Back to Life

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hi I'm Pamela and welcome back to

longevity Gardens and today I am

bringing you a video that I actually

don't really want to do it's so much fun

to bring you guys videos the things that

are doing really good and that I'm

really enjoying but this is a video

about this guy this is a tree that is

not doing good in my yard because you

know if your gardener the reality is

that sometimes you have trees that just

are not doing good and that died

we all have trees that die if you're a

gardener and plant trees every year in

garden every year you're you're not

always gonna have a hundred percent

success rate when I give seminars here I

always ask people you know who here is a

gardener and most people raise their

hands and then I ask who here has killed

a tree and everyone wants to put their

hand down I'm like no no because if

you're a gardener and you say you've

never killed a tree well you're kind of

lying so I tell everyone to raise their

hand and give everyone beside them a

high-five because the truth is and we

all get trees that die is that don't

make it and so I'm bringing you this

video hoping that I can help some of you

guys save a tree because beside me here

this is a lychee tree it's been in the

ground for quite a few years and it's

never done well and I thought we thought

that well cause its elite Chi it's you

know this not in its proper environment

in the desert and that's why it's always

struggled and so it's been I think three

years in the ground and it slowly

started losing its leaves year after

year kind of looked worse and worse and

I found out that it actually had a leaf

fungus and that's why it wasn't doing

well but by the time I found that out

and was going to start treating it a

hundred and fifteen degrees happened

here in Phoenix and it dropped every

single leaf and now it just looks like a

tree of six

and when you see something like this in

your yard you really you kind of just

want to rip it out and start over

but the thing is with this tree I really

think because it was a leaf fungus that

did it in with all its leaves I think it

has a strong root system and I want to

try and bring it back to life I do not

want to take it out so I'm doing this on

camera for you guys because I want to I

want to show you that you know not

doesn't matter how good of a gardener

you are doesn't matter you know what you

have going on in your yard you're gonna

you're gonna have trees that struggle

and you're gonna have trees that die on

you and we're all like kind of doing our

best and we're all kind of just sharing

and learning on how to be better and the

more trees you kill kind of the better

you get as a gardener like look at it

that way so um I'm gonna show you guys

what I'm gonna do to this tree and try

to bring it back because I'm gonna use

some good products that I really believe

in and I really think that this tree has

been well established with its root

system and I think it's got really good

soil it just it just had some problems

with a leaf fungus and it had problems

with 115 degrees here in Phoenix so even

though it's got no leaves on it now I'm

gonna treat it with first of all with

this I just got this off Amazon to help

with different diseases that some trees

can get so I am going to use that I'm

going to use this once a week it is

bright blue it looks like it doesn't it

doesn't really have a smell it is a

coppery smell like almost a metallic

smell so it is bright blue stuff so I'm

going to treat it with this to treat the

problems that it had in this first place

which was the fungus now because it has

struggled all summer long

we're in late August now it's really

just tired I think it's depleted of all

nutrients it give it everything it's got

and it didn't have anything left and so

it's really just hanging on by a thread

but I'm gonna give it the best boost of

nutrients that I know how

and I'm gonna do that with this product

it's called noble gills and it's a new

product that I am selling on my website

and I really have been using this

product now for about a month and I'm

really liking the results I have with it

and I'm gonna treat this tree with it

this product is made with sardines

sardines are a Coldwater fish so they

have a lot of fat because they live in

cold water so they have a lot of

nutrients in them like their very own

calorie dense fish because of all the

fat that they have and they're small so

they have big schools of this type of

sardine fish and its really the

migration of the sardines that kind of

dictate where all the other fish migrate

to because they're following the

sardines because they're so nutrient

dense of the ocean and that's what we

are now going to bring into our yard so

this stuff is made with mostly sardines

and so we're gonna take all that very

potent nutrient-dense fatty fish and

we're gonna put it directly on to this

tree now this is a full your feet no

that's okay even though this doesn't

have any leaves on it I'm gonna treat

every inch of of each branch now I cut

the tips you can see I've cut the tips

of what we're kind of dead so this this

guy was so he's in such bad shape

he's just been receding and I'm going to

treat it so I'm gonna treat it with this

stuff and these two products now I'm

going to put one ounce of this and one

ounce of this so equal parts together

into a one gallon spray I like using the

one gallon spray just because most of

the products that I sell in other people

sell have measurements for the one

gallon so it just makes it easy and it's

nice and light and I can carry it and I

can go up and down ladder as easy with

thing to treat on my trees so it's okay

Han so so it's okay to mix both of these

together one ounce each in one gallon of

water like some people think that you

have to treat it separately but you can

put them together and just give it a

good once-over about once a week about

once every seven days you're gonna want

to just drench every branch with this

and I promise that no matter what the

results are even if this tree dies I'll

come back and I'll and I'll show you

that it died but I'm hoping that I'm

able to bring you guys a video of it

surviving and you can kind of see a tree

that looks like it should be ripped out

that it's done that it you know it had

it had its chance and you know because I

have done that with some trees you know

I try to grow them they don't do good

they look like they're dead there I'm

tired of trying and I want to put

something else there so I'll rip a tree

out and I'll put something else but I

you know this is my only lychee tree

that I have in my yard and I really

think that it was a fungus that I now

know about that I can that that I can

now treat with this and I've discovered

this Noble gills product and I really

think this is some of the best stuff

that has hit our market and we're really

lucky now to have access to it so I'm

gonna take these two things and I'm

going to give I'm gonna give this poor

lychee tree one more shot and I'm gonna

I'm gonna do it on camera with you

because a lot of you you know you're

gonna have trees too that are struggling

and you don't know what to do and you

want to give up and like you can try

getting this stuff is it just on like

Amazon but this stuff is on the link

below in this video so if you have a

tree that you're ready to give up on and

you're gonna give it maybe just one more

shot you can come and do this with me

let's get started let's treat this tree

and hopefully I come back to you guys in

a couple weeks and and show you that we

have a success instead of a failure but

even if it is a failure

and it doesn't make it that's okay we're

all gardeners and we're all gonna have

trees that that die and sometimes it's

our fault from neglect sometimes you

know you know someone in the

neighborhood brought in a diseased tree

and it attacked our trees things like

that do like do happen when you're a

gardener no we get bugs sometimes that

come into the yard and attack our trees

and try to kill our plants and you know

it's just part of it's just part of

gardening but we have some tools that

we're going to try and use and hopefully

we can we can all have good success

together so let's get started okay

so those are the two products that and I

already have any hair and let's just get

started here I am going to spray the

entire tree it'll absorb the nutrients

right through the trunk and the bark

and just could have completely drenched

every part every twig either it comes

back to light or I have to just give up

on it but I hopefully I'll come back to

you guys in a couple weeks with some