PLANT HAUL & CARE: How to save a Peace Lily & Money Tree Repotting (its easy to be a good plant mom)

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hey guys I just came back from Home

Depot and I'm so excited to show you

guys what I got

I wanted a larger plant to put here so

that it can kind of fill up the space at

Home Depot right now they're selling

tropical plants and a lot of these

tropical plants are poisonous and toxic

to animals I have a bunny and I'm

planning to get a dog so I just prefer

to get something not non toxic to

animals just to be safe especially I

thought I'm gonna put it in this room so

I did some research and money trees are

not toxic to bunnies or dogs or cats so

I decided to get one but the problem now

is they only have the tiny ones I just

needed to get it anyways it looks kind

of funny like that over there I mean up

a little bit better right in order for

this tree to grow I need to repot it

into a larger pot so you're not supposed

to go to much larger but then

its diameter I'm gonna pop this in there

and hopefully it will encourage it to

grow larger so looking at this I can see

that this type of soil allows quicker

drainage this is pretty similar to what

you would use for succulents

so just judging from this and I also did

a little bit research on my phone I

decided to get a quick cactus mix I know

it's better to make your own soil but

for my purposes I think I will just use

this and if it doesn't like that I will

buy other material to mix it in so I

purchased soil as well I would pop that

probably today or tomorrow and I also

got this really nice pot it looks like

wood it's definitely not what though

I also got a dying peacefully so this is

not my first time coming up easily I

know how to fix this and I'm gonna try

to pierce it back to life so this was

actually 698 but the cashier gave me a

50% discount so I only got this for like

350 there were a lot of dying peace

lilies at Home Depot at this time I'm

not sure if it's out of season or

something but make sure you look out for

that at your local Home Depot that's all

I got from Home Depot this peace lily I

will not be putting in this room with my

buddy I will be putting this peacefully

in my own room in an area where my bunny

can't reach and cannot get to because it

is toxic for bunnies so yeah I will

leave that money trading here because

it's not toxic but this will have to go

I'm going to show you how I repot my

money tree and how this goes I also

forgot to mention when you're looking

for pots make sure you're looking for

pots with drainage holes so for this one

right here you can put the soil on top

at the water will drain through these

holes on the bottom but I don't like

this because bottom doesn't have any

holes now because of the quarantine I

don't really want to go to more places

than I need to to look for a pot so I

decide to purchase this and what I'm

gonna do is just drill some holes in

here to allow the water to drain out

it's so important to have drainage holes

especially for plants like money trees

and succulents those ones they do not

like water they do not like to sit in

water it's just much better you can just

drill these holes in to let the water

drain today's the first day with this

peace lily as you can tell the peace

lily is not looking so great so what I'm

gonna do first is trim off any strands

that are clearly dead because they are

serving no purpose for this plant

also another thing I'm going to do is

anything that looks like it's gonna die

for example the flower right here maybe

even some leaves just cut it right off

because any type of strands like that is

actually sucking nutrients from the

plant and those nutrients should really

be going to the nice leaves that have

higher potential of surviving so I'm

gonna get rid of anything that we don't

need so that we can focus the nutrient

source and they're good leaves so how

you cut is you need shears that are very

sharp I just hug these are our trimmers

so I'm just gonna use these to cut the

pieces oh actually some of these pieces

are so dry that I can just peel it off

as a reminder I am NOT an expert and I

learned everything on YouTube so if

anything's wrong I'm so sorry

please do your own research so pieces

are actually very easy to maintain the

only things that you really need to do

is the water at correct times the things

that kill piece lilies is over honoring

and under watering so peace lilies tell

you when they want to be watered it's

that easy like you have a plant that

communicates with you if the leaves are

like this it means that it needs to be

watered the moment you give it water it

shoots right back up in a couple of

hours and it's as good as new honestly

and then also if you overwater peace

lily it's game over so you got to be

very careful and make sure your pot has

drainage holes on the bottom just wanted

to hop in here and let you guys know

that if you over water your plant it is

not game over it can be fixed by

reverting back to a proper watering

routine also if your pot does not have

drainage holes don't worry in the video

I'm going to show you how you can put

the drainage holes in which is three

tools that you probably already have at

home honestly I think this is a


Oh II it just needs some tender love and


so for peacefully in terms of sunlight

you can't put it in direct sunlight

it's hates direct sunlight and you have

to put it in indirect sunlight so just

make sure you do that and you should

have a pretty beautiful plant on your

hands this is what it looks like before

watering so to water pee slowly it's

super simple if you have it in a pot you

have to take it out because when you

water peace lilies you got to make sure

that the water comes out of the drainage

hole and that there's no excess water in

the pot that will be really bad for the

peace lily

so make sure you have room temperature

water not too hot not too cold and then

honestly I just put it down the drain or

under the faucet I just let it soak for

a little bit so that it gets every part

of the soil okay just like that and then

it all drains from the bottom as you can

see shake it a little bit you don't have

to but I like to do that once it's done

draining you can put it back into your

original nicer pot and in a couple hours

it should be very perky that's all the

water it needs you don't need any more

just make sure it runs straight through

the soil down the drainage hole and

that's good


okay guys so my peace lily has

completely come back to life all the

leaves on top are very perky and

standing straight up it doesn't look

dead anymore

all the dried up leaves are gone

everything looks good this flower is

growing I'm actually gonna look and see

if there are other leaves that I should

cut so for example this one I should cut

I left these out before because they

were since they were all drooping I

couldn't tell which ones were dying and

which ones were so good so clearly this

one needs to go as you can tell my peace

lily has honestly come back to life all

I needed was some trimming and some

water hurt it was so thirsty there are a

few broken leaves but that's okay I want

to make sure my peace lily is a little

bit more full before I start cutting it

off these pieces but I did get rid of

any yellow pieces and brown ones I need

dried up leaves and what's left is this

so I think you can kind of see here

there's water marks on the leaves I'm

just gonna use a wet paper towel and

then wipe each of the leaves

I would do this more gently with two

hands but I get the idea just wiping off

all the stains so that it can be

beautiful and clean so I'm doing that

with all the leaves I will come back

when it's it's done so much cleaner now


and now on to regarding my money tree so

to start off I'm just drilling 4 holes

with a sharp end and nail which I'm not

too sure what they're called and a

screwdriver because I don't have an

electric drill then I'm using a sharp

pair of scissors to widen the hole this

is super simple and these are tools that

a lot of us have at home if you don't

have a sharp ended screw on hand you can

just start unscrewing everything in your

house to find one I'm just kidding don't

do that if your pot already has large

drainage holes then you might need to

use some large rocks broken pottery or

coffee filter to cover up the opening so

the soil doesn't escape fill about a

third of your pot with soil now to

remove your plant from the original pot

you first have to water your plant this

helps the soil and the roots stick

together it'll be much easier for you to

remove the plant then put your hand over

the top of the pot and turn it upside

down then use your other hand to remove

the pot here you can see that I created

a little hole in the middle for my plant

to sit in make sure the base is sturdy

so that the plant has a good foundation

to sit on here I'm carefully examining

the difference between the two soils and

I was actually getting quite concerned

about the potting mixes trainability so

after I filmed this I ended up adding

some more perlite to the soil to help

with the drainage I suggest that you add

cactus soil with either perlite peat

moss or pumice along with sand to create

the perfect cactus mix but since my

local home depot was out of peat moss

and pumice and because of the pandemic I

don't really want to go to multiple

locations to look for these ingredients

but I read online and it turns out that

it is fine to mix cactus mix with just

perlite but for my next reporting I will

make sure to have some peat moss or

pumice to add to the soil now just fill

the rest of the pot with soil and I like

to water the plant at the end to set

everything in place if your drainage

holes are working properly you should

see the water exiting from the bottom

and here you can see mine are working so

I just added an extra clip here to show

the new soil that I have mixed you can

see a little bit more perlite in there

which really helps with aerating the

soil I hope you guys liked the video and

that some of these tips were helpful

don't forget to Like and subscribe it

would mean the world to me and thanks so

much for watching guys bye