How To Make A Business Partnership Work

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there must be something in the air

because I've been getting more calls and

emails from my coaching clients than

ever before on this one thing how to

make my business partnership work hey

listen if you have a business partner

and things are going great that's

awesome but you know what typically

happens somewhere down the line the

finger-pointing begins somewhere down

the line you start having the resentment

towards your business partner somewhere

down the line they have resentment

towards you there's a level of

entitlement someone out works the other

person and before you know it you got to

have that tough conversation so how do

you get a business partnership to work

so let me tell you this because I've got

coaching clients that are making a

couple million a year all the way to

making 2530 million a year and right now

for whatever reason some of these

partners are just not getting along and

I'm going to tell you the secret to

making that work and this comes from

first-hand in the trenches experience

right because I've had a lot of partners

and I've got some amazing business

partners and we've been partners for

over a decade and we'll be partners for

decades to come

then I've had some business partners who

have been less than stellar who have

promised unicorns and delivered donkeys

if you know what I mean and you know if

you're one of those and here's how

you're going to fix that alright so

first and foremost it doesn't matter if

you have 10% stake in the business or

you're 50/50 partners you have to work

as though you own a hundred percent of

the business you get a hundred percent

of the revenue and you have to put a

thousand percent of the effort in every

single day you can't just do your 10

percent worth or your 20 percent worth

or your 50 percent worth you can't just

do the things that are within your

wheelhouse or the things that you're

just comfortable doing oh man something

has to get done you get up and do it

you found a problem you become the

solution that's how you become an

indispensable business partner does that

make sense to you you can't be a little

baby man you can't be a little baby when

it comes to doing business because if

I'm getting 10% and you have 90% and

we're business partners guess what

happens maybe right now you feel okay

paying me 10% for me doing your website

work let's say I'm just doing a website

work for you right because we're just

making a hundred thousand dollars a year

and I'm getting 10% you're keeping 90

what happens when we're making a million

dollars a year is the web work that I'm

doing worth my 10% now what about three

million a year what about five million a

year what about 10 million a year do you

want to give me a million dollars ten

percent of that a million dollars to do

web work or do you start thinking huh

you know what I think I could fire this

guy part ways with him and just hire

someone for a hundred and forty thousand

dollars a year to do all my web work so

whether you're the partner on that side

or this side you guys got to come and

have a conversation man you guys got to

have a conversation and say listen

doesn't matter if we own 50/50 or ninety

ten or anywhere in between I promise and

I commit to doing a hundred percent of

the work every single time and I'm gonna

work like I own the damn thing and I'm

gonna work like like like someone's

trying to take it away from me and so if

you want a partnership to work man

that's what you got to do because guess

what happens into partnerships guess

what happens you ready for this you're

gonna make big sales sometimes then

other times you're gonna have dry months

dry months maybe your ads stop running

on Facebook and Google and all of a

sudden all your traffic dies and your

sales die maybe maybe just maybe your

sales copy on Clickbank gets disapproved

or maybe Google decides to put you in a

sandbox right and you're not being found

anywhere on Google or maybe YouTube

decides to shut down your YouTube

account and your amazing source of

traffic is gone and you know what

happens when there's a partnership then

all of a sudden we end up seeing the

strength of that partnership when the

hits the fan that's what happens

right well it's not my fault man it was

your fault no a man take responsibility

so work like you own a hundred percent

of the damn thing be indispensable you

want your partnership to work being

dispensable I'll see you later

the only thing you get paid for is done

think about that

success manifests itself when you work

your ass off the best leaders know that

enthusiasm will motivate and inspire and

move people to action