Day 1 through Week 1, Part One: A Parrot's Homecoming, Step by Step Guide

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hey guys thanks for tuning in Amanda

here in Rio de green cheek conure we

wanted to do a little short about what

to do when you first bring your bird

home so getting started you're going to

bring your bird inside of the treble

cage it's a couple reasons why we do

this the main reason being if your bird

is in the travel cage there's no way

they can possibly get out and get loose

it's really important to remember to

because if your bird is fully flighted

or you don't know this way you make sure

that your birthday is contained and

you're not chasing it and it doesn't

just fly out with a garage out of fear

because it's on your shoulder when you

go to the car so keep the card inside

the box from there once you get inside

bring the box up to the cage balance the

box on the edge of the cage door so the

box doesn't slide around and you don't

lose control of it now this was usually

best done with two people but if it's

just you and you're just bringing the

fern home yourself

and definitely balance the box on the

cages I did you're going to carefully

and slowly open the door to the food

bowl this is the other reason that it's

important too that you have the

appropriate cage because if you don't

have the appropriate cage you're going

to have a much harder time and a much

more difficult scenario trying to give

the bird out of the cage into the big

cage because they can't stay in the

little cage they need to get into their

full size environment they need to learn

how to get comfortable with that so from

there you make sure that you reach in

through their side you get the bowl you

can even put a little neutral berry feed

into the bowl so that it makes noise it

clanks around once they are in there

you're going to close the door on the

main screen

once you walk away you're going to walk

away it's a bird of a pet or birch I

always advocate adopt don't shop that

was the adoptive dog don't shop but your

bird of the pet store bird you're

bringing them at home from a pet store

you're going to have a much more

difficult time if you just want to put

that bird in a separate room in the back

of the house and close the door that

bird is used to constant stimulation

constant interaction or the pet store is

over all New York people are always

coming in and out parrot the set of test

scores not going to be able to be put

into a room and the back side of the

house their bedroom or some place that's

less busy they're going to need to be in

the center of the living room where

everyone is at 100% of the time if you

are purchasing your bird directly from a

brief resell depend for the differences

the birds have time to acclimate to the

pet store environment and they will have

a different behavior

parents that are purchased directly from

the breeder once again I'll fit it with

me adopt don't shop about shop adopt

don't shop ok

if you purchase your parrot from a

career there's things that if the

breeder is going to do they're going to

tell you that our selling points for the

birds they're going to say the bird

steps up or trust people word is you

know going to eat pellets or whatever

you want to eat they're all lies so it's

really important to remember that you

don't buy into what the breeder tells

you earn the trust of the bird on your

own point to take a lot of time so

you're going to get this bird home

you're going to make sure they have

fresh food and fresh water every single

morning and for the whole first week all

you're going to do is you're going to

come into the

by their names gone more than three oh

and then so depending upon where your

parent is that going to come in here

only going to say good you're going to

get the old food from the day before

you're going to throw the old food out

you're going to throw the old water out

you're going to get two brand new

stainless steel bowls out of your tap

and you'll have these stainless steel

bowls if you buy the perfect cage the

cage that I recommend is the preview


it comes with four stainless steel bowl

long as you have that case you're going

to be offering the food in their

appropriate bowls or even that you want

to offer the food in the appropriate

Bowl not only because the delay is it's

going to create interest but also

because it's the cleanest option that

you have plastic bowl or stainless steel

plated to aluminum foil bowls are not

safe the plastic bowls Harbor mold into

the corners of the bowl and the crevices

of the incitement those are not

appropriate but you need the stainless

steel bowls that come with the actual

preview patient so from there you're

going to come in you're going to take

communion you're going to throw out the

old food water leaving the cage closed

and then you're going to come back with

the new food and water and put it inside

the cage and you're going to use the

side doors on the cage where the food

and water goes you're not going to put

your hand in the cage you're not going

to open the door on the cage you I'm not

going to handle your bird for the first

week that you bring the bird home this

is very difficult for some of you this

method applies for every single parent

one of the parent is three months old

and came from a breeder whether the

parent is three years old and has been

in a pet store whether the parrot is 13

years old and it's been in a rescue this

method applies for every single parrots

will say it with the first week my bird

is home the first week my bird is home I

will not handle it I will not handle

okay one more time in the first week my

bird is home

I will not handle it as you don't want

to create fear parrots are fearful by

nature you have to earn trust you have

to build it this is a marathon

relationship not a sprint you're working

towards creating a wonderful

relationship with your parents by not

handling them the first week is there if

you enter the room you say hello real

and then if you're leaving the room you

want to say goodbye Leo your parents as

they build trust with you is going to

assume that you're a part of their flock

and once you have been assumed as part

of their flock once they make that

decision you can't force it they have to

make that determination on their own

because they're a highly intelligent

animal and they're allowed to accept

reason and understand once they decide

that they have expected you and you

leave the room they are going to assume

that they're going with you this in the

wild when one bird leaves a whole flock

goes and in the future you're going to

leave a trick every time you exit the

room if you guys are leaving to go shop

or you're leaving to go out to dinner go

over to the cage with the treats

say goodbye drop the treat into the cage

close the food door quietly

when nighttime Falls the other thing you

want to do is you want to make sure that

all of the lights are off in the room

blue lights will keep your bird awake at

night you want to make sure that you

don't have any night lights in the room

you don't have any cell phones on them

right if you have cell phones in turn

they need to be switched to nightmare I

cover the back half of Rio's cage with a

towel a regular sized bath towel slide

very easily into the top of the preview

page it covers the back half at night

they'll see me cover it every single

night and uncovering every single

morning so for the whole first week

we're not going to hold our parent we're

not going to handle our parent we are

not going to open the door

reach in and grab them put our hand


there we are simply going to put the

parrot indication the first day leave

the cage closed for a whole week seven

whole days of all you're going to do is

replace the food and water every single

morning with fresh bowl fresh food and

fresh water and as you see the water get

mucky during the day you're going to

replace the water during the day you are

going to leave the bird be in the cage

in its environment so that it can learn

how to be a confident parrot inside of

this cage thanks for tuning in make sure

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over on instagram at Manta and Rio

remember adopt don't shop