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hey guys what happened so then I would

show you my way of recovering nickel

metal hydride batteries I just got a

huge a backhaul a bunch of used RC cars

and came in extra batteries on packs

these are called humpbacks and these are

actually five cell 1.2 volts each so 6

volts at four of these and we've got

some days old another like jump box

batteries I got a few of these you know

off-camera you can't see them so but

nickel metal hydride batteries are very

similar to NiCad batteries and also the

same way you recover them they do suffer

the same issues as my cat batteries with

the dented crystals and the dendrite

controls are actually but kilise

batteries and it blocks that flow of

electrons to the batteries so what do

you interview is actually break these up

break up the crystals here by

overcharging them or zapping them you

can see my other videos have been

watching my channel and one of the

issues too is that most smart Chargers

if they don't detect voltage they will

reject the battery and fail the battery

like these are these are probably 1415

years old not sure so there's probably

zero volts I'm gonna put my multimeter

on them we'll find out lithium batteries

are superior in my opinion but they

suffered the opposite kind of thing

though so if you discharge a lithium

battery below a certain voltage didn't

destroy the battery where it's with and

I can and nickel metal hydride you if

you know if you charge it without being

fully discharged it hurts the battery

actually tries to

just hook up my multimeter can't check

for any sort of voltage doesn't make a

difference you've got pause over an egg

at this point I'll shove either way

alright zero I'm suspecting what action

is another downfall nickel metal hydride

batteries as a discharge extremely fast

like way more than any other battery so

if you leave the battery something for a

month I was reading that 50 Brazil

discharged 50% after a month just

sitting there so a little bit on this

one I'll put the ones that I have a

summer a little bit on it just a little

bit so when I was here earlier is like

these smart charger is that they don't

detect any voltage will this

automatically fail the battery so you

got to hook him up to like like a dummy

mode where like a dummy charger just uh

something that's putting out leaves rug

with an AC adapter converted or I

actually have a bench power supply right

there so let's go hook it up to that and

I'm gonna put a little charge on it I

might over shard it put up to 12 volts

just to kind of break up those crystals

but I will see all right 7 toke up my

Paris phone a little lead connect the

tutor here and that goes into like this

little caption for the Dom packs you

call either bump that humpbacks just

feel cold

alright so that's high 30 volt is way

too high just down to I might overcharge

it at 12 just kind of shock it but at

first I'm just gonna see if this thing

pulls so I'm gonna hook this up I'm

gonna see this thing she pulls and he

after this is actually almost I might

think I hear the black one so I'm gonna

make sure the polarity is correct all

right I'm gonna turn this up to 12 I hit

him 12 insuit happens

just like I said the point is to break

up those crystals so I have my glasses

on I don't want to use very long see

that one there we go this scared me a

little bit okay well I just want to

shock them yeah I'm also shot down by

changing the average to

and a couple of these didn't have good

contacts I can figure it out

this one goes sound of that Seikaly

things and then I'll come back check the

voltage see if we actually yeah alright

guys remember at this point I'm not

really trying to charge the battery I'm

just trying to get the things back to

life so I said in the first phase of the

recovery I just want to make sure that

we're so now we're already at 4 volts

that's when I'm looking for bad cells

bad battery packs okay so before Volta

cuz they're only charges for a couple

seconds not even I'm a minute six five

volts alright that's in the range so

this is a pipe take me a couple days get

this whole thing done but yeah by doing

the cycling okay alright so now I can't

get to my high tech charger and the cool

thing about this high tech charger it's

it interfaces with my computer here so

nickel band will hydrate charge you

conduct auto charge whatever you know I

can cycle and discharge I'm gonna cycle

this same cycle like a cow turn his

charge let's go four times

George amperage is a hundred milliamp

okay we're gonna go

let's cut what you want to do you want a

fully charged and cycling cycle one

first the charges that then this turns

it and that's how you recover these

batteries I got a saying the software is

way cool you actually grab her for you

all right one of my green connections

got loose artwork on this black lens

I've done a couple sides a lot

I should pretty hot right at 2 amps so

if you didn't actually have a smart


there's no way you speed in olden days

you just basically put light bulb to it

back in the old RC days NiCad batteries

and stuff

so that's how we used to discharge them

so I'm gonna manually cyclist if you

didn't have like a smart charger like

this high-tech charger or able to uh sky

our sees that connection

audio cycle then you get to see that you

could charge it discharge it charge of

this chart of manually so the more

cycles that I do the more that capacity

increases let me show you this real fast

you can see it this time it pulled 815

milliamp s-- and the capacity I believe

is different but this might I think is

about 1400 they'll have hours so I keep

on doing this probably try to bring up

the range alright so they will recover

three of these batteries and I created a

chart one two three four batteries here

either you can see I've gone through all

the recovered except that's black one

6/7 really hasn't changed that much

where's the other ones dramatically

improved 250 14 mm this was kind of

weird charlie there something happened

to charge and then a 105 252 559 then it

went really high so cycling these things

definitely yeah it's the same thing with

my cats to these for like nickel based

battery I haven't given up number one

yet so since cycling won't do it I'm a

deep discharge it then I'm a sabot with

some high voltage

you know maybe probably turn this up

like 36 volts hit a few times then my

doing I recycle and see what happens is

that the thing right now I have my

variable power spikes at the max so 32

volts this thing is for my 6 volt and

obviously need to make sure the polarity

is correct

so basically signing a much higher

voltage down okay it's like it's totally

discharged so like I said the point of

that is the big break up the dendrite

crystals that blocked the flow of

electrons alright so that's the end of

this video what's happening sometimes

works depends I'm really bad the cells

are but so I've just 774 I keep on doing

this and it's like I said the cool thing

is that it will recover three batteries

so alright so you shouldn't throw your

batteries away if you have these type of

batteries and you wonder how to recover

them that's how you do it so alright