How to Introduce A New Dog To Your Pack | Cesar Millan

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Marie is a seven-year-old basset hound

mix who's been rehomed and returned

twice he's been aggressive and dominant

when he meets other dogs

whoever adopts Harry will have to

control this to prevent fights

well are you ready to meet mr. Harry yes

yeah you know how are you gonna

introduce I think the dogs need to do

the initial bonding first I think it was

gonna be a family thing

I think everybody needs to see everybody

from the start okay I like it Daniela

and Mike have worked hard to help their

insecure dog Mia but meeting a dominant

dog like Harry could be troubles all

right so come on get going

come on drop the leash now observation

for you see you're telling him that

you're here to claim this side so he he

should not be able to get out watch this

little rewind so here's your girls right

here Yeah right

Kerry can't come out it's like you're

coming to conquer this side stays there

you bring the very same room see nobody

came out I never thought I was doing

anything wrong by having the door open

but I can totally understand why you've

got to be the one in control all the

time but not necessarily because you're

bigger and stronger but just by your

actions he's still problem says he

doesn't know how to walk on a leash

which I said it's a very common thing in

the number two is how he normally likes

to meet other dogs so he approaches two

dominant okay we're gonna put him in the

leash you can see that okay you need

food anything to eat food no nothing for

him Oh see trust me the question about

using food and I was like I don't really

know and she said no you know you will

use food to get moving all right so you

bring the scent don't show it just wave

it so he's distracted and then you put

the leash on

hey hurry by holding the food too high

and out of reach Mike can actually

create frustration and excitement in

Harry wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

wait wait wait

well I watch they switch this how you

feel okay yeah right then you then you

do that okay so here I can take my time

the head is here there you go

all right so you can grab the leash

let's take him for a walk I don't think

anyone has put an emphasis or mastered

the walk with Harry nobody have taught

Harry look Harry we're gonna go meet a

dog but this is how we're gonna meet him

so a new dog should never be in front

the new dog should be in the middle or

in the back nice nice another thing that

you can do here ask me at cocoa this

here look there we go right here come on


there you go see it right it's like the

from I show my more than anything how to

put cocoa in the front and so that way

Harry follows but that's a pack walk

right here letting cocoa be in front

purposely definitely cocoa is the right

hand to rehabilitate any dog everybody

who wants to have a pack of dogs must

have one that is absolutely number 10 in

coke boys here yep go for come on then

no no I don't say anything just go yeah

here we go

so dense they look it's like here you're

doing when Cesar got Mike to walk on the

lead with the dogs it was really good

because we could see that we need to be

educated on how to walk back on a lead

for his first day with you he's doing

really good I think so I'm happy that's

it this is it that's all I wanted to see

fantastic he did really good he control

Harry very well thank you thank you you

can stay with them Harry a little longer

she's a groomer interesting