Welcome a CAT to Your HOME 🐱 🏠 How long does it take to adapt?

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the arrival of a cat in the home is a

very exciting event but this excitement

turned overshadow the fact that cats

will need kin tranquility and a secure

space to feel safe and adapt in this

animal Wives video we explained what you

need to welcome the cat home properly

before arriving in the home especially

if we're adopted from a shelter it's

essential to visit the veterinarian

they'll perform a general examination to

rule out the presence of a health

problem or parasitical infestation

they'll also schedule the cat's

vaccinations and be there to answer any

questions this is essential to maintain

the health of the whole family

preparing the home days before the

arrival we need to adapt the feline

must-have space where they can feel

comfortable and safe as they get used to

the new place there we need to have the

basic accessories such as a litter box

feeder water bowl and cat bed it's

advisable that in this first stage the

cat has limited space for example we may

only allow them to be in one room with

easy access to their accessories but

which is relatively quiet at first its

natural for the cat or kitten to be shy

confused and maybe even somewhat afraid

of the new environment and all its

stimuli therefore it's vital they have

somewhere to hide and avoid contact with

people and other animals


how long does it take a cat to adapt

this will depend on the cat's

personality and the environment we offer

typically the time to settle can be

between two and five days it's essential

to respect the time they need to feel

safe as they start wanting to explore

and interact within the home

forcing them against their will is

totally counterproductive to feeling

safe we need to strive for a positive

quiet and comfortable environment order

the home correctly as the cat feels more

comfortable we can allow them access to

new spaces at this point we can

correctly separate the rest area litter

place and game space cats have several

places they like to rest always in quiet

rooms with one usually being their

favorite place is soft and warm bed

there the toilet needs to be somewhere

relaxed and quiet this is why many

people choose to put it in their

bathroom finally the cat needs to have

environmental enrichment this means

scratching posts toys and more to stay

active and engaged all can be located in

the living or dining room as a bonus a

scratching tree can really improve their

enrichment here and in the description

you can find a video where we explain

more lastly it is essential to keep in

mind that an animal will need a lot of

attention and love many people choose to

adopt a cat because they believe they

are more independent and don't require

tension the truth is they are loving

animals who can develop strong bonds and

will need company to stay healthy if you

are hesitant here and in the description

you can find a video about the ten

reasons you should adopt a cat in the

first place please share your experience

with their cats first days at home in

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