Large Dental Abscess

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how old is she and figures oh okay

and you notice at three o'clock this

morning that she had swelling she's been

complaining of some teeth pain in her

lower jaw that left side this morning

heard last night was it and then then

you noted that when she woke up this

morning she had this major facial

swelling going on and when I stuck my

fingers inside her mouth I felt like

there was an abscess of Harden rated

area right there on her jaw so I use

these pictures for teaching and they end

up on YouTube you're okay with that you

are okay hi sweetie how old are you

eight okay let's have you sit up now and

we're going to just take some pictures

this way so you have quite a infection

going on here yep quite the amount of

swelling that's we're going to be

talking to the dentist here

and see how they want to treat this she

may have to have a tooth polled has she

been running fevers at all now as she

had dental cavities in the past

okay she's had teeth pulled open real

wide for sweetie

let me try and get a good look at your

mouth there open your mouth let's see if

I can open real wide so I see some

missing teeth down there

there's been no no fever noted at home

though okay and are you in a lot of pain

says hurt a lot okay have you at you had

any pus draining out of her mouth

nothing like that okay

thank you appreciate this