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what's up guys it's Josh here today and

I'm gonna be talking to y'all about how

to recondition a automotive battery I'm

using the battery off of my ATV

everything you'll need for this is a

thing of Epsom salt and I think of

distilled water make sure it is

distilled so don't just go get it out of

the sink or something and then you'll

need a battery charger and then of

course all the measuring tools to get

the right measurements on the Epsom salt

and distilled water so basically the

distilled water you want a quart of the

silver altar so I've got this pot here

and I'm going to put a quart

hi so we have a quart of distilled water

I'm gonna put that on the stove right

behind me and get it up into boiling so

while that's happening I'm gonna get my

Epsom salt ready you're gonna need 10

tablespoons of Epsom salt the grab got

my tablespoon and if you do a little bit

too much it's not gonna hurt anything

probably better than you do too much

rather than too little

put a little bit extra in there so we've

got our 10 tablespoons of Epsom salt

right here I'm gonna wait for this to

start boiling and we'll pour the Epsom

salt in and let it get getting dissolved

and to prepare the battery for that some

salt you need to take this little cap

off right here looks like this so you

can look down into the cells of the

battery and that's where you pour the

Epsom salt down into so when this gets

to boiling

come back and we'll finish the battery

till water is now boiling I'm just going

to take the Epsom salt and pour it in

while it's still boiling and then I'm

going to stir the water solution and

wait for it all to dissolve and when

it's completely dissolved it should be

like a milky color

and then we'll go there all right so our

Epsom salt solution is completely

dissolved so I'm gonna bring it over

here and take it I have a funnel right

here I'm just gonna step it in one of

the things I'm gonna get a cup to pour

this with because if I pour that whole

pot I will probably spill it

when you're pouring it you're just going

to look down in there and you can see

little metal grates that it looks like

and you barely just want to cover those

you're going to take your cap put it

back on make sure that all of them go in

correctly and all the way down otherwise

it will pour out later on and then shake

it up just mixing the acid and Epsom

salt I would recommend wearing safety

glasses when you do this but I'm not

doing it

all right then you're gonna take your

battery charger and charge this battery

for 24 hours and then you should be good

to go this will work on both batteries

unless your battery is extremely old and

completely dead but other than that I

hope this helps you please like this

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