Here's How I Saved My Dying Rose Plant

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hey guys this video is all about saving

a dying rose plant as you can see this

is one of my mini rose also known as

button rose plant and you can see that

it's almost dead but I can still find

that green part on my rose plant and

that's why I am going to do some

treatment procedure for the plant and

hopefully I would be able to revive it

please also note that I am going to show

you the result at the end of the video

so please make sure to watch the full

video and hopefully this video would

help you in case you also feel the

similar kind of situation to be honestly

saying I am really not sure what hit go

wrong they are were you know any insect

path or even the pace product but still

my plant is doing something like this

maybe it's because of the too much

temperature as you know mini rose plant

owned to death well during the summer

season anyway just keep watching and I

am going to show you all the steps so

the very first thing that I am going to

do is I am going to give completely free

soil for my rose plant and I am going to

remove the old soil completely see if

the root ball I mean if the soil is

really very hard that then you may get

difficulties to loosen up the root ball

or remove the old soil but don't worry

you can just follow me and you can do

the same thing


as you can see I am done with removing

the old soil completely next I am going

to report the rose plant in the same pot

but this time I am going to use fresh

potting soil mix I am really very sorry

for not recording at the time of

reporting my Rose plant actually I did

this thing at night and that's why I

forgot to record it but anyway please

don't worry because this is really very

easy and if you want to know more like

the type of potting soil mix I used for

my rose plant then please watch the

other video and in that video I have

sown the entire process you can watch

that video simply clicking on the I

button on top right corner or you can

get the link to that video in the

description box as well hey guys

updating the video exactly after take

this and I am extremely glad to sell a

result something like this as you can

see my Rose plant did not die and I am

also able to see the new growth on my


so as of today and the sa care I am

doing all these things so the first

thing that I am doing is I am protecting

my plant from the midday heat or even

the afternoon sunlight I have already

said you this thing before and the sorry

for repeating the same thing but please

note that mini Roses don't do that will

in the summer season and that's why I am

keeping the pot in a place where you can

get only the morning sunlight till

around 10:30 a.m. on number 2 I am

watering it extremely carefully and

taking time in between watering I mean I

am watering it when I find the top soil

is dry so please do the same thing don't

overwater your roses if you are keeping

the pot the similar way like me on 3rd I

am applying the fungicide and I already

applied near about 3 days back and I am

going to

do that again after seven days see I am

applying the slough fungicide and if you

want to apply the stuff in the side then

please take programs in one litre of

water and then spray your plants apply

on the both surfaces of the leaves and

also on the soil I am just doing it to

protect my plant from different kind of

fungal diseases now please keep watching

and hopefully I'll be able to show you a

lots of blooms at the end of the video

Haga is updating the video exactly after

28 days and I really can't tell you how

much happy I am because you can see that

my first plant is finally blooming and

this plant was about to die so

definitely it's party time

but wait I am going to fertilize my

plant today and that's why I am updating

the video and hopefully I will be able

to show you the more blooms at the end

of the video to fight Allah is my plan I

am going to use all these components see

I am taking 5 grams of superphosphate

2.5 grams of NPK 19 19 19 2.5 grams of

photos 10 grams of family compost and

other 10 grams of bone meal see if you

haven't tried fertilizing your rose

plant this way please try it once and I

really hope I mean I am sure that you

are going to get good result before

applying the fertilizers please remove

the surrounding soil at least half to 1

insist you can see that I have already

removed our soil

now applying the fertilizers directly on

the soil and next covering the

fertilizers with the same soil please

don't forget to water your plant thus

after fertilizing and somehow I forgot

to record that part I mean watering my

plant and next another important thing

is please don't fertilize your plant in

the middle of the day especially at the

at the time whenever you are applying

the chemical fertilizers if you are

applying a chemical fertilizers then

please apply either inter very early

morning or after the sunset so this is

all about how I saved my dying rose

plant and if you have any questions

simply write down below and I would get

back to you as soon as possible I really

hope is seriously sick I really hope you

found the video useful and if you did

then please don't forget to like it

share it and subscribe to my channel if

you haven't

thank you very much for taking your

valuable time to watch the video I

really appreciate it


and the answer