The Most Powerful Way To Bring A Man Closer (Even If He's Pulled Away...)

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It's Clayton Olson.

And in this video, we're going to talk about the number one most powerful things you can

do to bring him in closer even if he's pulled away.

And I'm bringing on a special guest, her name is Helena Hart.

She's got a Master's in Psychology, and she's a relationship coach that has also trained

coaches in the relationship territory as well.

And more importantly in all that, she's a friend of mine and she teaches women how to

be authentic and avoid playing any games or using manipulation to create a lasting love


So, sit back and enjoy the video.


This is Helena Hart from

And in this, video I'm going to be sharing the most powerful way to bring a man closer

even if he's pulled away.

Clayton invited me to come on his channel and talk about this topic a little bit today.

And I'm just so happy to do that because as a relationship coach this is really one of

the most common situations I see.

I can't tell you how many women I hear from every week who are feeling confused and, in

some cases, really devastated and heartbroken because the man they love is acting distant

all of the sudden or pulling away, even if he was really interested and coming on strong

at the beginning.

I've certainly been there myself, so I know how painful it can be.

And hopefully, this video will help you out if this is something you are experiencing

right now.

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So, let's get started.

The most powerful way to bring a man closer even if he's pulled away involves shifting

out of your masculine energy and into your feminine energy.

And I'm gonna give you three steps on exactly how to do this, but before I jump into those

three steps, let me explain masculine and feminine energy a little bit in case you're

not familiar with those terms.

So, we all have both masculine and feminine energy inside of us.

Men and women have both, and they both play a really important role in our lives.

So, masculine energy is the part of us that's about doing things, and thinking and solving

problems, and making decisions anytime you need to get something done, or figure something

out, or make something happen.

You are coming from your masculine energy and that works great in areas of your life,

such as work, or you know going about your day, doing your hobbies and interests, even

raising kids.

A lot of times you're in your masculine energy because it involves taking action and doing

things, right?

Now feminine energy is the opposite.

That's the part of us that's about feeling, and really being in the moment, experiencing

what's going on around you, receiving, expressing yourself and responding.

Also, trusting and allowing are really feminine energy qualities.

So, when you're with a man, it's really important to you know shift into your feminine energy.

Especially if he's a masculine energy man or if you're single and you're looking to

attract a masculine energy man, it's important to learn how to shift into your feminine energy

when you're dating, or you know with your man.

And I know how easy it can be to jump into your masculine energy when a man is pulling

away, or acting a little distant, or withdrawn.

It tends to like stir something up in us and cause us to want to lean forward often and

figure out what's going on, or maybe blame ourselves, or try to analyze the situation,

or what we might have done wrong, and it's really not helpful to do that.

So, I'm gonna give you three steps to you know stop doing those things, get out of your

masculine energy, and into your feminine energy, so you really bring that man closer.

And this works great no matter where you're at in your love life.

So, step one is Shifting Your Mind Set.

That's really important.

It's kind of foundation.

So, if you're looking for advice on how to bring a man closer especially if he's pulling

away right now, you've likely put him on a pedestal in your mind in some way.

And I know that because I definitely used to do this a lot in my past and I see so many

of my clients doing this as well.

You know if they really like a guy or they have strong feelings for him, it can be easy

to want to kind of put him on a pedestal in some way and see him as like the goal or the

prize in your mind.

And when you do that, it really kind of pushes a man away on a very deep subconscious level.

It just feels like pressure to him.

He might not be able to put his finger on it, but it's just that energy of you know

striving for a goal.

If you've made the man the goal, or trying to get a man to do what you want, or even

like prove yourself to him, or win his love in some way, if you've put him on a pedestal,

if that energy can really just keep a man at a distance, that's not what inspires him

to want to come closer.

So, you know if you were to think about this man who's pulling away right now or any man

who you have you know feelings for, are you looking to him as sort of holding something

that you want that he's not giving you right now?

Like, he's holding the key to your happiness or your sense of lovable-ness or worthiness?

If you're doing that, even on you know in very subtle ways, you really want to just

imagine taking that key that you believe a man holds to your happiness and putting that

key in your own hands where it belongs.

You know you really want to start seeing yourself as the prize, not in like an egotistical way,

but just in a really confident authentic feminine way.

So, that's the first step shifting your mindset.

If you've put this man on a pedestal or made him the goal or the prize in your mind.

Step two is Stop Trying to Make Something Happen In Your Relationship Or With This Man

right now.

So, I know how easy it can be to want to jump into your masculine energy and try to make

things happen.

You know this could look like always being the one to initiate contact with a man by

you know always being the first one to call him, or text him, or ask him out, try to make

plans with him, you know drive to him always, pay for everything on the dates, just you

know anything that looks like moving the relationship forward.

You want to stop doing all of those things, especially when a man is at a place or he's

pulling away a little bit right now.

The best thing you can really do is just anchor yourself right where you are, and not try

to make something happen in those moments when a man you know needs to take a little

space for himself.

Now of course, this doesn't mean that you can never initiate contact with a man ever


I mean if you're feeling really confident and you know a man's crazy about you, you

can really do anything.

You can pretty much do whatever you want.

And it's not going to push him away.

But in those moments where he's pulling away and you're starting to feel anxious, you know

most women who are coming to me at that place are not at that super confident feeling place

where they can just kind of do anything with a man.

So, that's why I recommend bringing it back to zero and just leaning way back into your

feminine energy which is what creates the space for that man to come back towards you.

Men really need to feel this pull to come towards you, and this tension.

And when they pull away sometimes I totally understand the tendency to want to like close

the gap and just like fill in that space because you want to you know reconnect the relationship,

or like recapture the feelings you had at the beginning, right?

And when we're at that place all of our instincts to want to make something happen, really just

pushes that man further and further away.

So, you know sometimes men need to take some space for themselves and it doesn't mean there's

anything wrong.

Sometimes they have to do that to like process strong emotions, or if they're really stressed

out or tired you know because of something that has nothing to do with you.

It's kind of a normal healthy thing for a man to take space for himself sometimes in

the relationship, and you want to make sure you're doing that for yourself as well.

Now of course, if a man is extremely hot and cold, or if he's you know acting distant because

he's punishing you, that's obviously not what I'm talking about here.

That's kind of like an unhealthy relationship dynamic, but I'm talking about in situations

where you know the relationship is pretty healthy and just a man needs to take some

space for himself sometimes.

In those moments, you don't want to like follow him and pick up the slack for him and try

to close that gap between the two of you.

You want to stop trying to make things happen and lean back and shift into your feminine

energy to create that space for him to come towards you.

Then you want to just allow things to happen, like I mentioned allowing is a really feminine

energy quality.

And that brings me to step three and that is Taking Your Focus Off Of This Man.

And putting it on yourself and your own life where it belongs.

And this relates to feminine energy because this includes connecting to yourself, connecting

to your heart, and your own emotions.

So, what tends to happen is when you stop doing all of those things, that I talked about

in step two, feelings will typically start to come up because a lot of times we want

to lean forward, and over function, and do all of those masculine energy things.

Because we're trying to cover up feelings, and so what you want to do is really feel

those feelings and connect with them without acting out of them in ways that is going to

push that man further away.

So, when you stop doing all of those things and just allow that space to happen between

the two of you just for right now, you might start to feel a whole bunch of things.

You might feel anxious, or you might feel a deep sense of sadness or grief, or maybe

even something positive like joy about some other area of your life.

So, you want to really connect with those feelings and connect with your own heart.

And I always say, the way connect to a man's heart is always through your own heart first.

If you're leaning forward and trying to like to create some connection with a man especially

in those moments when he's pulling away, it will never work.

The only way is to lean back into your feminine energy and connect with yourself and your

own feelings, so that when a man comes back you can express those feelings to a man in

a really authentic feminine way.

And I have so many videos on exactly how to do that over on our channel Commitment Connection.

So, if you're interested in exactly how to open up emotionally to a man and really connect

deeply with his heart, feel free to check those out.

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