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can we bring back our dead resurrection

is the concept of a living being coming

back to life after death in a number of

ancient religions a live death rebirth

deity is a deity which dies and

resurrects so is it surely possible to

bring back the dead let's find out the

immortal soul the soul is believed by

some to be the divine and immortal part

of the human being and some believe it

is the actual vehicle by which people

are resurrected

however theological debate ensues with

regard to what kind of resurrection is

factual either a spiritual resurrection

with a spirit body that is heaven or a

material resurrection with a restored

human body resurrection of Lazarus

inside an Egyptian tomb you can see

drawings portraying the world where the

dead will be brought back to life the

Egyptians were highly intelligent people

who built the great pyramids that makes

one think about their belief in the

resurrection theory bringing the dead

back in the ancient religions the

concept of resurrection is found in the

writings of some ancient non Abrahamic

religions in the Middle East a few

existing Egyptian and Canaanite writings

allude to dying and rising gods such as

Osiris and Baal Sir James Frazer in his

book the Golden Bough relates to these

dying and rising gods but many of his

examples according to various scholars

distort the sources bringing the dead

back in Hinduism the stories of bringing

back the dead have always been around

one can trace the roots to the

mythological mention of Lord Ganesha who

was granted life after being beheaded by

Lord Shiva then there was the story of a

young Shah who first took the lie

after four Pandavas and then resurrected

them on the request of yuddhistir and

who can forget the famous story of

savithri and sat even wherein savithri

medium Raj resurrect her husband

resurrection in Buddhism there are

stories in Buddhism where the power of

Resurrection was allegedly demonstrated

in Chan or Zen tradition one is a legend

of Bodhi Dharma the Indian master who

brought the Akiane School of India to

China that subsequently became Chan

Buddhism the other is the passing of

Chinese Chan Master PO hua who was known

for his unusual behavior and teaching

style so it is no wonder that he is

associated with an event that breaks the

usual prohibition on displaying such

powers resurrection in Christianity in

Christianity resurrection most

critically concerns the resurrection of

Jesus but also includes the resurrection

of Judgment Day known as the

resurrection of the Dead by those

Christians who subscribed to the Nicene

Creed which is the majority of

mainstream Christianity as well as the

resurrection miracles done by Jesus and

the prophets of the Old Testament some

churches distinguish between raising the

dead a resumption of mortal life and a

resurrection the beginning of an

immortal life

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