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you're going on a trip and you're taking

your skateboard how do you pack

always try to pack light don't pack for

stuff that you can run with if you have

to get out and you do it fast

a couple t-shirts you can never have

enough underwear underwear it's

important I go with two bags one small

backpack inside of one of the bags and I

have a bag that holds skateboards if you

don't have that bag or a skateboard bag

Alberto's got some tips for you if you

go somewhere they have some coins or

bills left save them in case you go back

and you have to take the train and get

the chance to do currency exchange

that's always helpful bring a towel

awesome towel that packs really small

dries really fast and bring a knife

bring your passport I have this little

key form cutouts for my inside of my

gloves because I had a wrist injury and

that's really nice it's cushy on your

palms and if you slap the ground it's

not that bad bottom line is planning is

key efficiency ski packing light is key

be light is key yeah pack light and

we'll be back after some commercial

break from our sponsors that's right

jazz mess with this board that's perfect

like it heard that ceased bangs is the

worst thing I could add a new

skateboarder according to BuzzFeed watch

amazing with Mike is a so all you - no

no you diabolical plans but now that we

got rid of Camilla it has we're going to

move on back into the universe with our

spaceship but first need to gather a

couple things to make this possible is

list look urethane bumpers need to

happen but I'm pretty sure the load of

guys are still watching us

let's put on these special crafted hats

that I bought at an artisan metalworking

shop perfect looks so good

wait I think I see something I could

help check this out oh I love it and all

this is definitely gonna have to

infiltrate loaded and get what we need

stem your no I'm not done okay maybe

okay all right who's gonna go in next

since I started traveling a lot of

people kept asking me on YouTube how to

travel with a lawnmower on an airplane

I'm going to give you some tips the ones

that always work for me I hope they're

useful and awesome for your great

adventures summer the first option was

the you get a normal bike if you do not

like a Bhangra you're good what you have

to do is get your back once you have

everything in your bag what you're going

to do is grab a roll of plastic wrap

wrap put your bar next to it make sure

you take off the tracks on the wheels

put the bar with the bike and with the

plastic wrap just rub it use the whole

thing because you don't want it to

separate what an important thing is once

you sew up you have to prove that is one

single piece go to the counter they'll

ask you what is this is just a

skateboard they say no you can have it

like this you just have to say sorry

I've been traveling all around the world

are you going to be the first one who

says I can't do this trust me it works

but you're still going to get questions

what other options you have another

great option is if you have a snowboard

and you have this no we're back you kind

of have a back to travel with your

lawnmower on your clothes

so put your clothes put your skateboard

close it when you go to the airport the

girl at the counter is going to ask you

about what do you have him there is this

sport gear but we're lucky skateboards

are not sport gear so just say now I

just have my skateboard or some clothes

I don't have another bike and they'll be

like okay if they say no sorry

I've been traveling all around the world

are you going to be the first one who

says I can't do this I already said it

trust me it works at the end the best

option if you're going to be traveling

it is to buy a bag that fits of

skateboard you know in my case I have to

do some hardware back it is like a

traveler bag you have the shoulder

straps it's big if you have a Bhangra

and it doesn't fit you can conceive the

top and make it a little longer

compared to the snowboard it looks more

like a travel back so you get a lot less

questions you probably get asked what do

you have in there don't feel scared of

say skateboard it's just a ploy it's not

sport here so you shouldn't get charged

chicks right no you can't not shoot it

you can

that's your travelers right it's a lot

easier when you're traveling domestic

most of the times they have to let you

get into the plane with your board as a

carry carry-on item as I said carry-on

item Ethan's vacuuming up on the back I

mean that's basically it is is not that

hard it's not an issue don't be afraid

of traveling with your long board just

do it just do it force it if they ask

they tell you no please do it force it

don't be afraid it's not bad if you go

to the airport don't lie to the officers

and the authorities but don't be afraid

of lying to the flight attendants or the

girls at the desk because they can't do

anything and and where they're going to

do not trash you oh my god you're giving

me a terrible service as a client so you

want this you're going to make it happen

and no one's going to tell you no so I

hope this works it worked for me never

ever had an issue traveling with my

lumber ever with any of these methods so

if someone says now just say hey I've

done it before

hope you guys have a great summer I wish

I could use these tips I just gave you

for this summer but I don't think I'm

gonna do that

so do you do it for me please have fun






so you packed your stuff got your bag

ready to go

got your plane ticket maybe a train

ticket or just a riding your mom's card

your buddies house but somehow you found

your way into a skate house or a house

where skaters live and they have

gracefully accepted or offered an

invitation to host you on a couch

anyways the most key thing to remember

when you find yourself in a skate house

is that people live there so I'm going

to give you four there's probably more

super cool things to do when you're a

guest in a skate home number one think

about the amenities that are used up

when traveling guests come through

somebody's helps toilet paper paper

towels sponges dish soap trash bags

rodent repellent HDMI cables but anyway

these things get used up really quickly

in a house that T's a lot of skaters

coming through a lot of travelers coming

through so it's always a nice thing to

do to not be asked to re-up on these

things it's a little thing but it goes a

long way what could be another really

cool thing to do when you're a guest in

somebody skate home sponsor a dinner you

would be amazed at how much food is

produced every single time somebody

makes pasta if you sponsor a meal inside

of a skate home unrequested maybe even

unannounced you also become a skate

guest here oh you know a few of those

there are I think I've counted three

eight in my entire life and I think I

currently live with two of them and then

clean the dishes afterwards to be a true

legend that'll go a long way in a skate

home house crack house there's a lot of

people that come through this house

there's a lot of people I probably live

in that house so maybe if out of nowhere

you randomly just clean up the living

room or you clean a bathroom that sees a

lot of traffic and horrors or you clean

a kitchen boom you're another hero your

status as state travel guests just keeps

rising and rising and the unwritten

rules of the skate world you're off son

becoming a desirable skate guest keep

your stuff together because then those

that live there don't all of a sudden

come in and just see yourself flying

everywhere and think wow this guy these

guys like he'll play you spread easier

than Nutella keep your stuff together it

doesn't matter what you do just keep it

together put it in the bag maybe take

you to the stuff store no just keep your

stuff together after living in several

skate houses in fact living in skate

house is pretty much my whole life these

are things that even if a person or a


only one of these things I regard them

super up there in my awesomeness list

it's a short list but there's a couple

people up there and they're always

welcome to stay

anyways that's some advice scared ramiz

in coach art at the loaded ambassador

house where we get tons and tons of

traffic thankfully they're all homies

and friends we know them beforehand but

it still helps camilo hated coke talking

all these dishes