Extreme Lawn Repair

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hey what's up so you know I've been a

homeowner for 30 years right and I've

always struggled to have a good lawn


I do everything by the book I mow it I

fertilize I seed I kill the weeds I

water it I have an in-ground sprinkler

system and yet I still struggle to have

a good lon

it looks great in the spring and then it

looks awful in the summer well it looked

even worse last summer I went on this

dream vacation for a week in August on a

cruise for my 30th anniversary and it

was getting watered while I was gone

but I came back and it was just dead

decimated I mean like straw it would

crunch as I walked on it and so I

actually broke down and did something

that I never do I gave up and I called

the pros stick around I'll tell you

about it this video is sponsored by Rain

Bird and their smart irrigation Wi-Fi



it kind of looks like Arizona doesn't it

but it's not that was the ants very

happy in my dry drought Britain lon


now I didn't hire a pro willingly or

easily it was something I mulled over

and I actually evaluated several

different options I got different

estimates and and the one that I picked

is a local provider not a name-brand

nationally so you probably won't find

them anywhere but they really turned out

to be good they really had good customer

service and they explained what they

were going to do and why they were going

to do it and that I found very valuable

because of course I had always taken

care of my own lawn and the thing that

they brought to the table that I

couldn't is really the equipment I could

have gone out and rented some of this

equipment I never used it before so I

don't really know how to use it

it would have been a struggle for me so

the only thing I really had to do was

put flags on my my sprinkler heads so

that they didn't destroy any of them and

the first step that they did was they

aerated the lawn with these big machines

that they called plug aerators they

actually pull little plugs and dirt out

of the lawn and and when they're all

done it actually looks a lot like goose

poop all over your grass but it's really

supposed to be good because it allows

the fertilizer which they also put

fertilizer they did weed killer they did

seeding and all that gets into the grass

better plus it aerates the soil it puts

a breathe better and since there is a

lot of dead dry grass it also helps

break that down and so that's important

to me too I've got such a big one they

weren't about to rake all that grass up

so we just let it mulch there basically

and let it let it rot on its own and

that adds fertilizer to the lawn too so

you know it's a win-win so when they

were done with the aerator

they seed it and they didn't just seed

like I've got a regular cedar that you

know spreads it everywhere they use this

it's like a dropped seeding machine

where the seeds come down in front of

the machine but then it's called a slip

cedar because it's got these blades that

run behind it you can't see them but

they these blades grind the seed into

the soil and that's boast to number one

it keeps the birds from eating the seed

because it's buried down in the soil

plus it just gives them a better grip to

germinate from now there were a couple

of spots that were very I had taken some

trees down so they were really low spots

they came along with topsoil and they

filled in those spots and they seeded

them by hand and that was a part of what

they did for me and when they were all

done it looked a mess but you could see

the seed and a lot of clumps of dirt so

I it kind of looked like farmland so I

was farming grass if you think of it

that way let me take a minute to tell

you about the Rain Bird st8 I Wi-Fi

smart irrigation controller because if

you're serious about your lawn chances

are you've got an in-ground sprinkler

system and if you do you need a timer

like this the benefit of a smart

irrigation timer is that not only can

you set it for as many schedules as you

want and to go on even days and odd days

or every third day or whatever you want

but you can also set it remotely from

your phone you don't have to be in front

of it the other good thing about it is

it knows the weather data so it knows

whether it rained yesterday and you

don't need to water today or it knows if

it's going to rain later on today and it

doesn't need to water this morning so it

is designed to save water and which

saves you money replacing my old timer

was trivial it took about five minutes

to disconnect the old one connect the

same wires on this

very familiar connections I've got five

zones so there's five wires plus a

common couldn't be easier

then I downloaded the Rain Bird app and

configured it to what are my five zones

for about twenty minutes a day every

other day actually on even days in my

town so it was really easy to do and I

don't have to worry about it now so

that's the best thing it wakes up at 4

a.m. and waters my lawn while I'm still

sleeping so the Rain Bird st8 I Wi-Fi

timer it's available on Amazon and I

will put the link in the video

description check it out

of course after this application they

told me I had to water it a lot and so I

really I watered it every day I believe

for like 45 minutes to an hour per zone

so I spent a lot of money on water too

but the results were there about 7 days

later I started seeing grass blades pop

through the surface and the vibrant

green was just so encouraging it was it

was like being a farmer and seeing your

crops so I was really thrilled with that

and then about a month later it was

strong enough for us to start raking

leaves and mowing and and fall was here

in full swing and the lawn

looked great it was making its way back

so we were very encouraged then came








now spring has sprung and so have the

weeds thankfully my crew is back to take

care of them they sprayed the whole lawn

with a liquid weed killer and they

applied a granular fertilizer plus

crabgrass preventer they'll be back for

around four more applications throughout

this year

now this service wasn't cheap for a big

yard like mine it cost around $800 for

the repair last fall plus $700 for the

annual maintenance so I have really big

hopes for a perfect lawn in the coming

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