Jamaican farm workers head to Canada

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we're here at Norma Manley International

Airport because this is another in the

series of seasonal agricultural worker

program flights this has been going on

for at least fifty to fifty three years

where Canada collaborates with the

Ministry of Labor with the government of

Jamaica to ensure that Canadian farms

can have the skilled labor that they

need to put food on our tables but also

it's an important source of remittances

and an injection into the local economy

for Jamaica this year of course is a

special year because of the impact and

rest assured that all precautions have

been taken to make sure that the farm

workers are being taken care of you can

see in the airport that they're doing

their physical distancing that they're

all wearing their masks which they'll

wear on the plates as well

they reduce the number of farm workers

per bunkhouse when they do arrive upon

arrival they're at 14 days of quarantine

all those aren't offenders are being

taken to make sure that not only the

farm workers are staying safe but also

the farms and the Canadian the Canadian

colleagues that they'll be working with

you know this being a global pandemic

each country is managing in their own

way we're all working towards the same

objective which is flapping the curve

Jamaica has been impressive in the

leadership and being able to stay ahead

of that curve but we know that that


an uncertain challenges Canada to has

put in place all the safety measures

required to ensure that Canadians can do

their part but it is not done certain

times in such a good degree of