HOW TO Revive|Bring Back dying or distressed HYDRANGEAS| GARDENADDICTZ

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hey welcome back thank you for stopping

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so you never miss an upload okay so this

video was requested by a lot of you guys

from my last oh my arms hurt oh sorry

from my last hydrangea haul video you so

a lot of you requested that I showed you

or I tell you guys the things that I do

to revive or to bring back life into my

hydrangeas so they can look beautiful so

they can still look healthy and strong

and just glorious like nothing never


it won't happen in that same season but

next season they're gonna look amazing

if you follow these few simple steps

guys you're gonna be rewarded

we're worried I can't talk today you

will be rewarded with some beautiful

plants all they need guys like it does I

know I know that when you buy them at

the clearance right they look pretty bad

they're pretty beat up

they're pretty distressed and they look

a hot mess your dried brittle they look

dead on the outside but they're not dead

guys on the inside they're still healthy

they're so perfect there's Wayne or

someone like you or myself to come

rescue them to give them a loving home

to take care of them to feed them to

nourish them back to help just to care

for them and love them you know and in

return they'll reward you with beautiful

beautiful blooms and fresh healthy green

leaves so if you're interested in the

few simple tips it's not hard it's not a

secret thank you for watching

sure is messy dinner with plants okay so

for this video I'm gonna use a

quick-fire because they look they look

the worst right now so I'm gonna use one

of these a quick-fire and I'm also going

to use a little line since the line

lights are one of the most popular you

can find at a lot of these big-box

stores so I'm gonna use a line light our

chef a little line but I'm sure I'm one

I'm going to try to find the

worst-looking ones and go from there

also I'm going to use a a micro filler

hope I'm pronouncing that correctly Oh

microfilter it's a big leaf hydrangea

those are the ones that normally bloom

pink or purple or blue gam-cho I'm gonna

use one of those because um those are a

little bit funny because a lot of them

bloom on all good and you have to be

careful how you you cut them back and

treat them or else they won't bloom the

next season so I'm gonna gather my

supplies and we can get started I'm just

gonna use a quick-fire because I

couldn't find any of my lime lights that

look as bad as this okay so just let's

pretend I just got home from the store

the first thing you always do guys

always soak and drench your plant in

water give it a good drink hydrangeas

they love love-love-love water so that's

the first thing you do if you cannot for

whatever reason get to attend to your

plant right away maybe you have to wait

until the weekend when the case maybe

you can fill your wheelbarrow or like a

little kitty pool or some type of tub to

like two inches of water and just fix

your plant in it and it will be fine

until you are ready to get to trim it up

and clean it up cleaning it up

also put it where it gets morning sun

and afternoon shade that is very

important because the plant is already

stressed right so this all of this that

you see here is from too much Sun and

not enough water okay too much Sun and

not enough water if it was getting

enough water to sustain the plant it

would not scorch and it will not burn

I'm in a zone 67a and these are in full

Sun well the ones in my garden in the

ground they're in full Sun and these

will be going into a full Sun location

as well and they do amazing because I

have drip irrigation in my garden bed so

the first thing you do when you get home

again give them a good drink of water

because you're thirsty

the second thing is make sure they're in

a location where they get morning Sun

and afternoon shade guys okay it's for

whatever reason you cannot and I repeat

you cannot get to your plants right away

just put them in something with at least

two inches of water so you know they'll

be fine

okay so say a couple days passed and now

you can attend to your plant

the first thing you do is you go around

you set your plant and this is a spent

bloom so you guys can see so you follow

the scent bloom and come down to

wherever you see a new load pushing out

which is a new leaf but you just cut

right above that just like that okay so

you go around the whole plant and come

down to a new leaf bud pushing out and

cut right above that come down to cut

right above that so that's all I'm doing

for this whole plan

wherever you see new leaves pushing out

just cut right above that it's not hard

do not be afraid to cut these plans

canticle hydrangeas they grow and move

on you would so say I cut it all the way

down to about six to ten inches from the

ground it's gonna grow very aggressively

and it's gonna bloom that same season

this is not like the micro fill of big

leaf hydrangeas they don't hydrangeas

which I have one here I'll show you guys

in a minute

they bloom on over but they do have new

and improved varieties that bloom on new

wood and always alright so once you cut

off after you cut off all the blooms I

mean all the fences right up bloom then

you're gonna go in and you are going to

gently die

gently take off all the dried-up leaves


just some blooms still leave it on it's

the left one here but I'll deal with

that off-camera I don't want to make

this video too long I know I apologize

in advance for the sirens in the

background once again I live in a city

and if you live in a city you know how

that goes

alright so all you got to do is take off

the dried leaves but be gently guys be

gentle I can't talk today for some

reason so just be gentle gentle taking

off the dried leaves where the dry

leaves are that's where the new growth

the new buds the new leaves that's

really gonna push out so you got to be

gentle so you don't break those off

normally the lead they will eventually

fall off but you want to just clean up

the plant for appearances see notes for

it to look good to look decent and that

looks so dried and dead and brittle so

once you take off the dried leaves the

next thing you do always check sixty if

your plant is root founded this one is

not that bad as you can see all the

healthy new growth all these new groups

that it's pushing out it could use a

bigger container but I'm getting ready

to plant these hydrangeas so I'm just

gonna leave it in the container

for now until I put it in the ground if

for whatever reason especially in the

summertime you find hydrangeas you come

across a hydrangea like this you can go

ahead and repot them until it's time for

you to put them in the ground if it's in

fall when the temperatures are cool the

moment you bring them home try to get to

them as soon as possible

water them trim off the stem blooms take

off the dried leaves pop them in the

ground guys don't waste no time in the

fall pop them in the ground because in

fall excuse me and fall you want to

plant these at least six to eight weeks

before your first frost now if you're

not sure when your first frost is you

can google it you can put in like if you

know what zone you're in you can put in

your zip code to find out your zone if

you don't know what it's on your end if

you know what zone you're in you can put

that in online and you can tell you give

you the information for your first frost

for your first frost date for your first

frost date sometimes it can come earlier

than the date given or later so that

give you an estimate so make sure you

plant these at least six to eight weeks

so they can get so they can get situated

in the area that they're in so they can

route out and prepare themselves for

winter to overwinter when you plant

these and fall make sure you give them a

good two to three inches of mulch you

want to mulch them really well so they

have a fighting chance to winter over

now these quick fires and lime lights

and most panicles panicle hydrangea

they're Hardy down to zone three which

is negative 40 yes negative forty so

they're very very Hardy guys so I don't

see any reason why they will not make it

through winter and I've wintered over

one just like this in the same container

and it's doing amazing so that's all you

do for all these panicle all these

hydrangeas that's what I have planned

I'm just going to I ordered these every

single morning so that's why they're not

in a container where they need

consistent watering like a wheelbarrow

or a kiddie pool because I water these

every single day and they're in shade

they gave a little morning Sun and

afternoon shade so that's what I have

planned for all these hydrangeas always

water and then you can cut back the

spent blooms take off the dry leaves to

make the plant a little bit better check

to see if it's root bound it if it's

rebounded you can repot it if you're not

ready to plant it right away if you have

space you know we're gonna put it the

temperatures or cool then I suggest you

go ahead and plant that plant so it can

form new roots push out get established

in that area and prepare itself for

winter so the next plant is a big leaf

hydrangea this is a big leaf hydrangea

hydrangea macrophylla this plant blooms

on new wood and oh this is an improved

variety but most of the other plants

that are big leaf they bloom on all wood

which means it sets next year's bloom on

this year's growth so right now this is

getting ready to form new buds to bloom

next spring if it hadn't already so what

I normally do I just go in and I cut off

all anything all the spent blooms you

just go right below it if you're not

sure just go right below that old room

and snip it off okay and take off

whatever dry leaves do not prune

anything out do not cut anything back

wait until next season in springtime

when the leaves start to emerge then you

can see what's dead you know what didn't

make it through winter then you can go

in and cut out whatever whatever stem

though dry and brittle and if all else

fails guys with either the big leaf

hydrangea or the pentacle hydrangea if

you're not sure if you don't know what

to do when you come home just keep them

watered watered as well as possible

until you can plant them and it's pop

them but bad boys on the ground like

seriously do not overthink it if you're

not sure put them in the ground anyway

more too likely put it in more shade

then Sun because big leaf hydrangea they

can't take much Sun especially this

endless summer on the tag is stated that

it can say

full Sun that's a lie that is alive it

burns very easily it has to get Morning

Sun and then afternoon shade from 11

o'clock in Illinois Rose it's gonna burn

in my area 6b 7 8 so guys that's all

there is to it you know the biggest

thing is to make sure heid Rangers get

in the water because they love water and

the second thing is they still need Sun

but not enough Sun to where they would

burn or scorch again morning son is the

best son is the best option for these

plants especially the big leaves of

course but when it comes to panicle they

can take full Sun all of these

hydrangeas you see here the practical

hydrangeas they're going into full Sun

location and I already have some that

are already in my garden that's in the

full Sun because I give them consistent

water and I have drip irrigation run and

rant in my garden so they get water

every single day unless it rains really

hard the day prior then I'll turn to

drip off for that one day but they get

they get consistent watering so the two

main important things sunlight and water

even though they require full Sun I only

give them more in Sun just so they can

use that energy to push out new leaves

and to form new groups so that's it guys

I hope this video was helpful if there

was something that I missed that did not

cover you can leave it in the comments

and I'll try to get to every single

question so

until next time I'll see you guys

another video bye guys