Houseplant Care: Bring Your Houseplant Back to Life!

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what do you do when you've done this to

one of your plants this is a Dracaena

it's a house plant and it's something

that a lot of people probably run into

sometimes life gets in the way and you

forget about one of your little plant

babies and you want to bring it back to


now some plants there's simply too far

gone and there's a couple in my personal

little collection that I've done this

too and rest in peace to those fallen

fallen brothers and sisters but this guy

I think I can bring him back and I'm

gonna show you how I do it in this video

before we get into how to save this guy

let's talk about what went wrong now

number one thing the number one killer

of houseplants is gonna be neglect or

just not thinking about what a plant

means to survive plants are living

organisms just like you and me they need

many of the same things oxygen water

nutrition proper growing conditions and

so what happened to this guy as we can

see we've got some yellowing leaves we

got some crispy leaves indicating a bit

of under watering potentially a lack of

nutrition in the soil as well as I've

had it in this pot for quite a while and

maybe it's how growing its pot a little

bit so there's you know usually never

one thing that's wrong with a plant

that's this far gone usually there's a

lot of stuff going on and so how do we

solve it well we're gonna give it the

better growing conditions that it needs

which means one thing we're gonna do is

refresh the soil and we're going to

repot this plant and then we're also

going to take off some of the growth

that is not doing anything for the plant

anymore some of these dead crispy leaves

let's get these off the plant and so the

plan is not on life support for some

structures that really aren't carrying

their weight anymore

now that's not to say they wouldn't have

but unfortunately the way that I decided

to care for this plant or not care for

it means that it went under and so we're

gonna try to resurrect this bad boy

right now and that first starts with the

potting mix we're gonna make what I've

got here is some standard potting soil

right here but I find that even pretty

good potting

soyal might need a little bit of a boost

for some houseplants and so one thing

that I like to do is I like to add back

in a little bit of perlite just to

increase that aeration in the soil and

then because nutrition might be an issue

I will give this soil

a quick boost of some worm castings and

so I'll then do is just mix that in make

sure that I'm getting that consistency

that I want and we're gonna go ahead oh

excuse me

well make sure that you have some

ventilation when you do this because I

just inhaled some worm poop I'm pretty

sure and it did not taste good all right

so come that's looking like a good mix

right there we've see we've got that

perlite in there we've amended with a

little bit of organic fertilizer to give

our soil a little nutrition boost and

we're off to repotting this guy next

thing we're doing here is cutting away

any growth that is no longer serving

this plant and so that would be anything

that's crispy dead yellowing etc stuff

like this that's just falling off

obviously has no use to the plant and so

I'm just gonna go ahead and begin some

light pruning because this plan is gonna

have to undergo a bit of a recovery

process it's been damaged it's been hurt

and one something has been hurt it takes

time to come back to life I guess it's

the same as people right not to get

philosophical on us here but we are

talking about our plants into a lot of

us our plants are like our little babies

right and so some of these are literally

just coming right off with only a

minimal amount of force by me which is

further proof that the plant no longer

can support these leaves and so I'm just

doing some light pulling seeing what

comes off we're not gonna rip off

anything that wants to stay we're just

gonna take off some of the stuff that is

really really weak and really really

unsupported by the plant and already we

can see we've taken off this much growth

just about this much growth and so

that's all stuff that was probably dead

anyways but we're cleaning this plant up

and we're looking to bring it back to

life and so the next thing to

is to then take it out of this pot

gently we can see this soil was very

very dry and that's my fault that's

something that I didn't pay attention to

while I was gone on a vacation and so

that soils dead for all intents and

purposes what we're gonna do is we are

going to just brush off some soil from

these roots you can see the area where

it was initially potted up we're gonna

break up some of the soil and then we

are going to refill with our fresh mix

and so let me go get that fresh mix here

we go let's make sure we got it all out

of the bottom it's looking good and you

know what let's pot it up a little bit

we're gonna go one pot larger for this

guy give it some extra space to really

expand and grow so let's fill this up


and you want to make sure you're getting

this to the point where you put enough

in the bottom so that when you fill it

up it's sitting comfortably right up

near the top of that pot so it feels

like you're kind of like holding its

hair up right here when you do this

let's dump the rest around hmm

there we go is that enough yes it is and

so I like to compress it just a little

bit make sure that there's not some

really massive air pockets in there

and we're gonna go ahead and water this

in very heavily because it hasn't had a

drink in a while and it's probably

pretty thirsty


so here we have it it doesn't look that

good right now but hopefully with time

it's gonna come back and I'll do a

little follow-up update on a plant like

this just to show you that this method

really does work and so that's it what

we did is we troubleshot all the

problems that were going on we took off

any dead growth that wasn't serving the

plant we refreshed the soil we increase

the pot size and we added some more

organic fertilizer made sure we watered

it in really good and now the only thing

left to do is wait put it in the

conditions that it wants to grow make

sure that if you know for a Dracaena

it's in bright indirect light maybe six

to eight feet away from your windowsill

or a light source and just make sure

that it's got the right temperature the

right wind all that stuff is good and so

it gets everything it needs the perfect

conditions in order for it to come back

to life and so we're gonna follow up on

this guy in a few weeks and see how it

does but I hope that was helpful and if

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