Gear Thursday: How to Travel with Your Guitar | Marty Schwartz

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hey what's up you guys Marty Schwartz

here with Marty music welcome to another

beer Thursday I've been getting a lot of

questions about the best way to travel

with a guitar I'm gonna talk about that

with you a little bit the first choice

and best choice of traveling with a

guitar is if you're you know someone

like Joe Bonamassa with a 59 Les Paul

that's priceless worth as much as the

airplane gonna buy your own ticket and

own seat for the guitar but most of us

can't do that I know I can't do that so

what I prefer to do is I actually prefer

to use a gig bag and I use it as a


now Southwest Airlines tends to be the

best for me and they tend to be the

coolest when it comes to guitar players

I've I've flown on all the airlines

so I'd pick Southwest but that's only in

the US you're supposed to be able to

bring on a gig bag guitar as a carry-on

and then I think there were some new

laws or rules put into place where

you're allowed to do that you can always

ask if they have room in there in a coat

jacket closet and the very front of the

plane every once in a while you might

get lucky and they let you put it in

there now if you have a hardshell case

such as this hardshell case this is

gonna most typically have to be a

checked piece of luggage there's debate

but what I tend to do I will slack the

strings on the guitar like a half step a

whole step just take a little bit of the

tension off I've heard guys to talk

about completely detuning the guitar

other guys that I admire and respect

leave the guitar completely alone now if

you have a really valuable guitar and

you're like maybe more of a professional

there's what are called flight cases and

I'm sure you've seen them before it's

not just for guitars but a serious

hardshell rode case and you know they're

pricey but that's gonna protect your

guitar to the best possible ability now

one of my favorite things though about

the gig bag which is how I almost always

travel in the guitar is the mono gig bag

case I have has a great big pouch for

all the you know necessities for a

musician a traveling musician so let me

show you mine real quick alright so this

gig bag that I've got is a mono gig bag

and it's got a cool little pouch up here

that you can keep there's some smaller

necessities such as a maybe

a phone charger I've got my sunglasses

you know for traveling I've also got a

tuner in there right so that's nice but

then we've got the big pouch and I'm

actually getting ready to travel right

now so let's just see what I have in


sneakers okay here's something that's

important pack of strings I have a few

packs of strings in here now here's

something that you really don't want to

forget when you're out playing is your

guitar strap otherwise you're gonna be

forced to make a guitar strap out of

duct tape I have done that by the way

one pick alright that wasn't everything

travelling with my companion macbook

right that have one of those doing

youtube videos also very important

backup hat this is Kona brewery alright

there's something else really important

in here if you're traveling oh look at


ah I forgot all about that that that was

in there really really does have a lot

of space not bad not bad

so a great thing to travel with as well

is a second guitar isn't that amazing

and don't forget the main attraction

inside here the main guitar right my

I've got my heritage here and something

that you can do that I like to do is

take a sweatshirt or a couple t-shirts

and kind of put it in here for extra

support and padding plus you can bring

extra clothes besides what fits in your

suitcase so that's another little tip

and we've got that in conclusion if

you're flying around the u.s.

I recommend Southwest Airlines they're

super cool about you know being able to

put a gig bag overhead you've also got

the hardshell case that can be as

checked luggage which I'm comfortable

doing it I've never had a bad experience

with it never had a bad experience with

it but obviously if you have some guitar

that's priceless

you know if you probably are gonna want

to buy well one if you can afford to

guitar this priceless and you can afford

a seat for it those are your options

plus the hearts the the hard road case

safe travels always bring you the guitar

with you to have fun and thanks for

hanging out for another gear Thursday

video and supporting marty music you

guys who really appreciate it

keep having fun we'll see you later