How to Charge Dead Golf Cart Batteries - Reviving Dead 6v & 8v Golf Cart Batteries FAQ

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welcome to another episode of frequently

asked questions the question I get a lot

is I just got back from vacation I've

been going for a little while I'll plug

my charger in and it's not coming on

first thing I always have everybody do

is to check the voltage in the battery

bay 99.9% of the time the batteries are

weak or almost dead your battery charger

has got a relay in it it has to sense a

certain DC voltage and a certain AC

voltage before it will come on and

properly charge the batteries if the

voltage is not high enough it's just not

going to come on what I'm going to show

you next is how to charge your batteries

with your data are extremely weak so

that your battery charger will function


first as always since we're dealing with

batteries gloves glasses and anything

else necessary for personal protection

should be worn so before we get started

two things we want to do make sure we

put the car into tow position if your

car is so equipped and make sure this

battery water level is up to par we want

to make sure that the place are covered

a good quarter inch should do the trick

so in saying that let's get started this

car has got six six volts I have a 12

volt charger so what I'm going to do is

I'm going to hook my positive to the

battery one positive and since this is

this negative we make this battery six

volt I jump to the corresponding

negative which would be 12 volts

now what I would do is go ahead and

charge this it's to sit for about about

one hour

charging them for one hour should bring

the voltage up high enough took it close

to 12 volts so the charge will recognize

it for those two now what we've got a

nuke is working the rest of the set next

one in secession is this positive we'll

go to the corresponding batteries

negative once again will let it charge

for about an hour and then we'll remove

these two and go to the last two which

will be this positive and the

corresponding battery is negative once

again will let it charge for about an

hour once we've done this we can

disconnect the terminals

and we can use our battery charger this

time there should be enough voltage to

go ahead and for it to recognize and

come on now if this battery was an 8

volt and we're using a 12 volt battery

charger which we can do we'll hook it up

to one battery at a time but only charge

it for roughly about 30 minutes you can

overcharge it if you go longer and that

is how you bring a better set from low

to dead back to life hopefully we'll get

some more life out of it and enjoy your

golf car that's all for today thanks for

joining us