How To Make Glow Stick Brighter - DIY Glow Still Expirement

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what's up everybody welcome back

tomorrow to our safety is number one

priority and today we're going to be

doing pretty cool experiment with glow

sticks let's check this out

so check this out this is icy water room

temperature water and this is going to

be boiled water just boiled it you see

it steaming up it's a very very hot

water boom just boiled it then we're

going to activate three different glow

sticks and put them in the water with

the different temperature and let's see

what happens as you can see right now

they're pretty much the same brightness

so this one is going to go in the hot

water this one is going to go in the

medium water and this one is going to go

into cold water now let's see what

happens so it's been about a minute

look at these difference hot water

super-bright medium water the same and

the cold water it's almost not bad at

all so now let's switch this out got

this one and put it in the cold water

and this one put it in the hot water

let's see what happens it's turning off

slowly and this one is getting way way

brighter pretty insane huh

let's give it a minute now as you can

see in the hot water this go stick a

super bright now this is the same and

this one got less bright are now putting

same huh how does this work now let's

put this one in the hot water this one

back in a cold and this one in the

medium let's see what happens now look

at this now this glow stick looks the

brightest pretty incredible all of this

experiment now put it back this one in

ice and this one into the hot water and

this one here you see it still looks

like the brightest but it's cool enough

so it's going to be less and less

brighter in a minute and this one is

going to get the brightest you can

almost see right away how the light is

switches this one is way more polite

lady and this one is losing its

brightness well hope you like this

experiment glow stick and a hot water

way more brighter than in the cold water

or own temperature look at this

difference amazing please do not

microwave glow sticks because they will

explode inside of a microwave or

sometimes when you take it out they

might explode in your hands and you

don't want that chemicals on your face

or hands success Wow I didn't want

expeller stuff like that fun they