8 Gestures That Make Women MELT | Do This To Turn Her On

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that's right boys today I'm going to

show you very simple things that you can

do most of these being nonverbal cues

that just shows your Dominus your sex

appeal and increase your attractiveness

in her eyes which is just what every

dude wants and hey even if we don't have

a girl yet to deploy any of these tactic

just watch this whole video and take

notes because when you get your chance

you're gonna be ready and these are

gonna deploy out like second nature

she's gonna think you're a pro she's

probably gonna think you've been around

the block for one holding her face as

you kiss her this is a simple gesture

that anybody could deploy where you're

gonna hold her face as you kiss her this

just shows dominance and again it's a

professional move again if you probably

never kissed a girl or have only kissed

a couple of girls you're probably the

shy type of dude you just pecks her but

when you grab her with passion you hold

her face tight it lets her know that

well 1 you're a dominant man you're

taking control and it's a pro move that

is gonna make her think you've been

around the block this is gonna drive her

a while because again social proof she's

gonna think other women have wanted you

and she's lucky to have you bring her

close and lock eyes this is another

dominant move women love it this turns

women on when you're with the girl and

it's getting intimate don't just rush in

there like some greedy savage bring her

close let me demonstrate

most awkward guys would stay out here

because well they have no confidence Oh

dry what she wants is a guy that's gonna

bring it her in and then you just stare

at her passionately for a few seconds

without saying anything you feel that

she feels that and that tension that

builds builds butterflies in your


and makes you irresistible now I know

that it gets sometimes get awkward when

you're staring at a girl that's

completely fine I got you covered this

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attractive that boosts that also boosts

your confidence but the barrier itself

allows you to lock eyes with the woman

or at least make her think that you're

looking at her and that's what drives

around and makes her think that you're a

confidence stud this is

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out for three when you tuck her hair

behind her ear you see years they have a

lot of nerve and they just send chills

down girl's spines when you do it jet so

this girl when you send chills down her

spine she's gonna be thinking that it's

butterflies and that she's in love with

you little does she know the

those pills are really me jose zuniga

but I'm gonna let you have number four

leader by the small of her back the

small of her back it's I don't know if I

made that up but it's that breaking

point where the back of your girl ends

and her butt start if you're a girl has

curves props to you bro you know exactly

what I'm talking about then your hands

just get a naturally stop there right

before it reaches it or but it's such a

sexual point to touch or where it's not

too aggressive that you're going low and

it's not to friend zone then you're

going high and then when you leader it

shows you that dominance that direction

that leadership that girls want in a guy

it drives her wild the five feeding her

this is a more of a caretaking type of

tasks that you can do or gesture their

women look now the reason for that is

now I'm not talking about like actually

baby feeding her what I'm saying is that

let's say you guys order pizza together

or you order popcorn together instead of

being greedy like most guys and feeding

yourself first and then offering her

some what drives her wild is grabbing a

piece of popcorn a piece of fruit or the

first pizza slice and letting her take

that first bite you giving it to her

that shows her that you're not greedy

that you're always gonna take care of

her and I know it's go see mostly stuff

but trust me girls eat that crap off

number six hold her hand tight in public

this does two things one it shows that

you are proud to have her by her side

women love to be showed up this turns

her on like crazy but two when you lead

her through a crowded it shows that

leadership and dominance almost a

protection type of aspect these gestures

aren't rocket science but to her they

mean the world number seven opened doors

for her boys like I don't feel like I

had to say this a lot but she wants you

to be her prince charming she loves the

fairy tell M me and when you do a simple

task is opening the door which really is

very little word yield a super high ROI

in her heart melting it and making you

look extra attractive for finally number

eight this was a little sensual but

grabbing your thigh under the table now

this one you definitely need to have

being the on that second date already

but when you're in a public setting just

wearing a dress and you're feeling a

little aggressive you want to build that

sexual tension you get to pull this now

be careful like I said this one can get


aggressive if you go too high you could

be a pedo and you could have ruined

everything but when you grab a girl

tight from the thigh

it sends these chills down her spine

that I promise you she's gonna confuse

with sexual attraction she's gonna be

turned on for you and that's that's

gonna make you an irresistible stud that

girl's gonna easily make out with you at

the end of the night that's a guarantee

and that's it for me in this week's

video guys I hope you guys enjoyed it if

you did don't forget to drop us a like

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