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what's up y'all it's tati cook and i'm

back for another video and as you can

see with the title today

i am coming with a little boost to your

self-esteem video i want to do these

like more frequently where it's just


i throw them in like parsley like a

little razzle dazzle

just for like every once in a while if

you just need a confidence boost i will

give it to you

but first today we have such a great

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you know i was gonna hook you up okay so

let's just get right into this video

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all that fun stuff or whatever let's

just get into this so you want to boost

your confidence you've come to the right


ignore the sun and lighting it's been

really frustrating trying to fix it and

it just won't fix all right

that's right okay the first thing that i

definitely want to give out the way is

reminding you that confidence is

a muscle something that my best friend

typically tells me is that progress

isn't linear you're not just always

going to be on this up and up of

confidence confidence confidence like no

it's going to kind of look like this

sometimes and that's okay

think about it one day your muscles

might be able to

you know bench press 40 pounds and the

next day you can't even do 10. it's just

what it is so

sometimes you're going to be more

confident than others and there's

nothing wrong with that that's

actually the healthiest way to be so

this is actually going to sound quite

crazy but i think this is one of my most


tips i think a lot of times we we like

run from our insecurities right so let's


oh i'm not i'm insecure about like the

size of my boobs or i'm insecure about

i don't know not being thick enough this

isn't that right when we do that we kind

of overcompensate so maybe we're putting

on a miracle bra

maybe we're wearing like oversized

sweatpants to give the illusion

we're running from the things that we

are insecure about to make ourselves

feel confident but the thing is

at the end of the day the makeup's gonna

come off those sweatpants are coming off

the bra is coming off you're gonna go

right back to that feeling of insecurity

then your confidence is dependent on

an outside force such as clothes we've

talked about this before when your

confidence is dependent on another

person which is why i always tell you


that if you're not in a space right now

where you love yourself and you're

really confident do not jump into a


and expect it to teach you how to love

yourself because it won't

it'll teach you how to depend on

somebody else to love yourself and that

is a dangerous slippery slope that we're

not going on same thing with clothes and

makeup and all that stuff now i can't go

out in public without makeup i can't go

out in public with wearing

this super bra or they super close i


one of the best ways to boost your

confidence is to find ways to accentuate

the things that you are the most

insecure about if you are insecure about

not hiding big enough boobs hang up the

miracle bra

hang it up once you start putting

yourself in situations like that where

you can try to

shift your thoughts on something you're


you're gonna be in a completely

different space you can try to change

your mind

to think positively about negative

things that you've associated

with yourself your whole being is going

to shift that's the second thing

positive affirmation

instead of you looking at yourself in

the mirror saying oh my god i wish i had

this i wish i had that i wish i didn't

have this i hate that you're training

yourself to think

negatively about the things in your body

so if you want an instant confidence

boost shift it you can literally see a

change in

such a short amount of time like

probably within the same week it's

all a mind game and your mind is so

easily moldable i feel like people think


only like kids have the moldable minds

and we can just shape them and then


that way for the rest of their life and

it's just not true we have all the power

to undo everything that we've learned

and taught ourselves

so here's step one something else that

you could do to boost your self-esteem

is to actually list out the things that

you like about yourself and the things

that you don't like about yourself now

this might seem counterproductive

what counter counterproductive because

you're physically writing on things you

don't like about yourself

but you will see that there are so much

more things that are positive

about you than that are negative there's

so many more pros than cons if you write

this out and there are way more cons

you have to realize that you must be

being extremely hyper critical of

yourself and that's something you have

to let go to boost your confidence

i've told you guys this before what you

don't like can be fixed

most the time either accept it if it

can't or fix what you can

and that's it that's how you're gonna

boost your confidence even if it's not

fixed in the moment

boosting your confidence can be hearing

the things that i don't like about

myself no they're not fixed right now

but i'm about to take the steps to fix


confidence boost because they will be

fixed having the faith in yourself and

taking the leap on yourself

knowing that things will be fixed in the

future and everything will work out in

the way that it needs to be because

being too critical

and thinking oh well i hate this about

myself and yes i'm gonna fix it but it's

not fixed right now a lot of the times

in life things are not gonna be fixed

in the moment like one or two things are

not instantaneous if it was life would

be kind of boring there would be no

growth there would be no

need to do anything actually we just get

everything we want when we want it

no another thing to boost your

confidence is to set aside time for

yourself people

think that setting time aside for

themselves is selfish but in reality

setting time aside for yourself is going

to make you a better person in general

more productive and happier with

yourself and research shows that we are

more productive

when we are happier with ourselves and

our appearance those are the facts i

didn't make it up

god did think about it when you were in

school did you

feel more productive when you were not

confident with what you looked like

or when you had a cute outfit on and you

felt cute that day there's this thing

called the imaginary audience in

psychology right i feel like this is a

glasses moment when i do a scientific

tattoo thing but anyway there's this

thing called the imaginary audience

where we think especially as teenagers

and adolescents we think that

everybody is watching us we think that


is looking at the insecurities that we

perceive ourselves to have therefore we

are like

hyper focused on them so if you're

thinking oh my god i haven't sit today

you're going to school like oh my god

everybody's looking at my zit hyper

focused on covering it

when really 99 of people probably didn't

even see it girl so

that goes into this when you're going

into a public place your work space your

school space

and you're feeling insecure you're not

feeling confident about your appearance

or yourself

you think everyone else has also focused

on that and it makes it really hard for

you to focus on what you need to do


you are a better worker a better student

a better friend lover whatever it is

when you feel good about yourself so

it's very important to set that time


so you can boost your confidence back up

take the weekend to reset

take the week and do your nails do your

hair do a skin routine

doing something that's going to make you

feel like you are ready to bounce back

into whatever you need to do something

else that can really boost your

confidence instantly is letting go what

you think

others think of you the biggest thing is

letting pressure off yourself putting

too much pressure on yourself to look a

certain way act a certain way

be a certain way around people will

really dwindle your confidence down

without you even realizing it it's like


inner drainage so letting that pressure

off yourself to be whatever you want

wear whatever you want do whatever you


is extremely critical i feel like

everybody especially women in our

society have

so much pressure on ourselves and that

just makes it

extremely difficult to be confident in

anything that we say or do

because somebody somewhere will find

something wrong with that right but at

one point we have to say

i don't really care as long as obviously

you're not hurting people around you

that's a whole different conversation

not caring what other people's


are of you and letting go a lot of the

expectations that you have for yourself

sometimes we're gonna fall short a lot

of times we're gonna fall short and

that's why we should let them

go do your best when you can but

sometimes your best is nothing at all

and that's okay

something else that kind of goes


that is a confidence boost is learning

to say no just like setting boundaries

with the people

around you setting boundaries with

yourself that's a confidence boost in

yourself because you're not so

passive you're not such a people pleaser

anymore you're there to please yourself

and those that you love

by the end of the day you always come

first saying no to things that you don't

feel like even if it's just talking on

the phone you know i don't really feel

like it right now can i call you

tomorrow say no stand up for yourself

with your shoulders high and your chin

up that is a confidence booster also

something that i found that boosts my

confidence is

definitely writing like little lists for

the day not

jam packing it with like 20 to-do lists

every single day because

you're probably not going to get all

that done and then that will make you

feel like oh i didn't finish what i was

supposed to finish you feel like you

disappointed yourself but even if it's

just two things on your list for the day

one of them may be working out and the

other one cooking a meal for yourself

simple things that you can check off

your list and as your time goes and as

things progress

you can add a little bit more to your

list but even just getting one or two

things out the way for the day

you've been productive you can see it

checked off physically and that's a

confidence boost like hey i did what i


i was gonna do today in our society

right now it seems like young people are

doing any and everything

possible but you do not have to be doing

that doing small things can really make

you feel better about yourself and


getting up is a huge feat especially

during the times right now obviously

something simple to boost self-esteem

that i'm sure you have heard before is

literally just getting up getting cute

and going out like

it's kind of difficult to do that right

now but you can definitely still go


like outside is always going to be there

you can go in your backyard

getting some sun is even a self-esteem

booster just feeling it on yourself

laying outside and kind of soaking it in

that can definitely improve your mood

and overall wellness also something that

is extremely critical in just day-to-day

life is focusing more on the things that

you do love about yourself

focusing more on the things that you are

good at so i feel like um a lot of times

we get

again like i was saying hyper focused on

the things that we're not good at or the

things that we don't like about


and that's all we ever focus on and we

miss out on all the things that we are

good at all the talents and skills that

we do have put yourself in positions to

do that more often put yourself in

positions to highlight that more often

and you'll see that you have so much

skill and talent and beauty and

everything in between

if you keep putting yourself in position

to like be something you're not

you're always going to fail the sun said

girl i don't care about your video but

luckily we're at the end of it anyway

but first you know

through my shout out of the week this

week's shout out goes to joao

here's her page i started coming on my

last video and i just want to let you

know that i love you so so much and i

will never change

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