How do I bring a girl back to my place after a date?

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what's up everybody welcome to the

single guy FAQ today we're going to be

talking about how to bring a girl back

to your place after a date okay so even

if the girl is like really into you

she really really likes you she even in

her mind he's like yeah I think I'm

gonna have sex with this guy even if all

this is happening you have to give her

some sort of excuse to go back to your

place that's not related to you guys

having sex like it can't be like hey

let's go back to my place and she's like

well what are we going to do it were

like what we're going to have sex even

if she did want to have you have sex

with you before you said that now she

doesn't so you got to think of something

creative and honestly it could be like

the dumbest lamest excuse sometimes my

friend used to say hey I have some

pictures back at my place that I can't

show you all my phone so I have to show

you on my computer or their hard coffees

or hey let's go back to my place and get

a drink or let's go back to my place

smoke a joint I have I don't know when

Harry Met Sally on DVD let's watch that

you know it could be it could be


obviously these are lame but even if

it's just one of these it's better than

saying you know let's go back to have

sex here we're here maybe some better

ways to get a row back your place after

a date that aren't so lame so if

you're if you're out and you're

organizing a date a lot of times I say

make sure it's close to your place

um this is paramount if you're trying to

get her back the way dates might would

away my dates usually worked on in the

city was I would start out at one bar

bounce to another one and bounce the one

that had like karaoke or something fun I

mean that bar was like literally right

next to my place so if you can get

something like that or get we get it

within you know a short drive away

obviously this is going to help you out

tremendously so plan it around something

like that and then bring up something

you should have something unique or

something fun or something cool it could

be a piece of artwork it could be just

some like a hamster it could be really

anything but it should be unique it

should be to be to your you know to your

personality or something like that

and if you have something like this

bring it up during the day my friend

likes to talk up so he likes to draw so

he talks up some of his artwork that he

has in his room so help bring that up

during the day and you know if the

chicks into him just like yeah I

definitely want to see your artwork that

sounds cool

so it's not that big of a deal when he

brings it up the going home back to his

place part at some point in time during

the day and you know that's a good way

to do it but again if you if you don't

really have anything I mean like any

excuse is really fine if she's into you

and she wants to go home with you she

should know what's up but she just wants

to have that plausible deniability so

she doesn't feel like a total when

she sleeps with you um yeah that's

basically all I have you know make sure

I guess when you're bringing a girl home

I'll probably do this in another video

but to bring a girl home make sure that

she feels very comfortable one of the

things that I like to do is I like to

invite them over to my place and then we

go out later and I just say hey I'm

going to go in and get my jacket really

quick go in get my jacket maybe get a

glass of water and talk to her for a

while while she's in my place and not

try and make a move or really do

anything there so she can just like

relax and feel comfortable and I think

that's what you kind of should the

precedent you should set is that you

know things are going to be totally okay

and fine and relaxed in your environment

you're not going to try and like you

know immediately when she comes

through the door and freak her out

but yeah so that's the way to do it let

me know if you guys have any questions

or comments or ways I can improve this

channel in the future would love to hear

them and good luck out there you guys