How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back (Reverse The Breakup & Win Her Back)

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Hey it's Brad Browning here and in this video I'm going to teach you how to get your girlfriend

back. So if you want to get back together with your ex girlfriend then this is the video

for you. Now just to warn you, this is going to be a brief overview. If you need more information,

more in depth, head over to my website, I've got a more in-depth video presentation

there that you can watch for free. So, let's get started with the important parts

of getting your girlfriend back. The first phase that you need to go through to get your

girlfriend back is the recovery phase. Why recovery? Well because you need to get to

the point where you're emotionally stable enough. You've gotten passed the worst of

the heartache and loneliness and all the other emotions that come in the wake up a breakup

and you've gotten to the point where you can think rationally, make good decisions, and

avoid making any mistakes that are going to push her even further away from you. And I

know you might be thinking to yourself, at this point, why do I have to recover? I want

her back. I don't want to get over her, I just want her back! Well, that may be the

case, but again, you need to be emotionally stable. You need to be able to make good decisions.

So how do you recover? How do you get over her? How do you get to the point where you're

in that better frame of mind to make those decisions. Well for starters, you want to

ignore your ex girlfriend completely for 30 days after the breakup. This is critical and

I will explain more in a minute but you definitely do not want to be talking to your ex for around

30 days after the breakup. You also want to remove any reminders of her from your life.

So take that picture of you and her on the holidays, put it in a box, take the love notes

put them in a box, whatever it is, take all the things that will remind you of her and

put them away for awhile. Just keep the reminders out of your life. You don't want to be thinking

about her right now. And finally, occupy your time. Stay busy. Hang out with friends You

know, go to the gym. Pickup a new hobby. Go on some dates with some other girls. Even

though you don't want to, I know you want your ex girlfriend back, but still. Go out

on some dates. Keep busy during this time, this recovery period for the first 30 days

after the breakup. Now once you've sufficiently gone through the recovery period, then you're

going to want to move on to the rekindling period. This is the second of three phases

of getting your girlfriend back and this involves two things essentially. One: making your ex

miss you. Now if you've successfully gone through the recovery period like I just described,

you've actually already done most of the hard work here. Because, think about it, what makes

you miss someone? Well, your girlfriend was completely accustomed to having you in their

life everyday. You were there for her, you talked to her on the phone everyday, you were

there for dinner every night. Whatever it was, you became part of her daily life. And

then, after the breakup, she ignored you? Or excuse me, when you ignored her, all of

a sudden you were gone from her life completely. Cold turkey. Boom, you vanished right after

the breakup. And because she was so accustomed to having you there, the shock of not having

you there is going to make her miss you like crazy. And you need that, it's really important.

That's one of the reasons why the No Contact phase is so important and so efficient and

effective at making her want you back. And that's key. You need her to want you back

and one of reasons she's going to want you back is because she's going to miss you like

crazy because you simply vanished from her life. Once you successfully gone through the

30 days of No Contact, you've recovered to the point where you're feeling a little better,

and you've made your ex wait 30 days before you've contacted her again. You're at the

point where you're ready to reach out and establish communication. But wait, you gotta

be ready for this for sure before you start sending her messages and calling her. You

want to be strategic about this. You don't want to just send her a text message that

just says "hey, how's it going?" That's what I call a pointless text. It's not going to

do anything to help your case. You need to be like I said extremely strategic and you

need to have a plan. Again, if you want to see more about this, go to my website

and I'll give you some examples on how you can reach out and make the first contact.

But the most important thing when you first contact your ex is, well there's two things

really. One: you want to keep any communication super fun, happy, casual, upbeat... no drama,

no negativity, no discussion about your relationship. Just really fun, interesting, funny stuff

whatever if it's a text message or a phone call, just keep it upbeat, fun and show her

a good time. And keep it really brief. Don't go on and on and get into a lengthy conversation.

At this point, keep it brief and keep it fun. The goal of the first contact her is to just

get her thinking about you. And also in the first few contacts, you might need to text

her a few times when you move into the next Re-Attraction phase or just to generally reshape

her opinion of you into a more positive image. You can do this several ways, like I already

mentioned, text messages and phone calls by bringing up shared, happy memories. You can

also show her how well you're doing since the breakup and show her that you've become

the same man that she fell in love with in the first place. So, basically you've started

to do all the things that may have changed during the relationship that may have caused

the breakup. That's important. You want to work on self-improvement during those first

30 days and even after that. And then you need to share that with her. At this point

this is where you're just starting to share that. And finally, the last thing you need

to do during these first few contacts with your ex girlfriend is make her a little bit

jealous. Be careful with that, but if you've been out with her on a couple dates, post

a picture of you with another girl on Facebook or make a comment about how great life has

been or how many new friends you've made, whatever it is, just a little bit of jealous

with the reminders of positive memories she has and showing her the new you, the better

you. And that you've come a long way since the breakup. And finally, the third phase,

Re-Attraction. This is just what the first few phases has been preparing you for and

leading up to. So like I said, you've already gone through No Contact, you've recovered

to the point where you're okay, you've made your ex miss you, you've got her to start

thinking about you by sending some positive text messages and showing her that you're

still that fun guy that she fell for. Now it's time to arrange and in-person meeting.

So you need to think of a way, make an excuse, meet her for coffee, go out for drinks after

work. Basically just get a chance to meet her in person, to flirt with her, to rebuild

some of that sexual tension, some of that passion and that romantic, physical connection

that you had before the breakup, before things began to deteriorate in your relationship.

Again, the goal is to meet her in person and just like the text message or the phone call

when you're starting contact, keep it positive, keep it fun. Make her smile, bring up happy

memories, no drama, keep it short. Eventually, you're going to want to get to the point where

you establish the physical romance. Sex! Woman often associate sex with romantic and serious

relationships in a way that men often don't. There's a lot of evolutionary science behind

it. The core, or the thing that you need to understand is that women associate sex with

relationships. You want to get to the point where you got the physical aspect of your

relationship back. And at that point, you're no longer a friend, you're no longer an ex,

you're starting to move into the relationship zone again even if she doesn't admit it actively.

So I know I left a lot out here but I wanted to keep the video pretty short. So again if

you need more information or you want to learn more, head over to my website,

I got a free video presentation where I go more in-depth. You can also get my email address

there and shoot me an email message. Thanks very much for watching, please consider liking

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