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Little folk of flashing wings, little folk of dancing feet.

Hear my words and give me blessings when we meet.

Let's try one more time.

Charlie, Charlie can we play?

Is any spirit other than us present here?

Is this the sign?

What is it?

It's 11.45 pm and since we are at a safe distance from each other so we will remove our masks and talk to you.

A few days earlier you saw Kaustubh investigating the office to detect any paranormal event.

Guys, I heard a noise.

But we thought that he had missed some clue.

Generally, people can be divided into two categories - believers and non-believers.

But we don't fall in any of those categories.

We belong to a third category called curiosity.

We want to know about Paranormal more.

We have experienced things but we are not sure if it was paranormal.

We need clarity on that.

Satyam and I have been with Scoopwhoop for years and while working the late-night we have experienced things that cannot be explained.

My most scary experience was on the Terrace.

While coming down the stairs.

Feeling something that is like air but it shakes you from within.

You get goosebumps but you can't really see anything.

We have heard about a lot of ways to connect with paranormal spirits.

We can talk to them and we have selected 5 out of them to try them in this video.

Today we will try 5 ways which are Charlie Charlie.

Ouija Board.

Summoning a fairy.

Bloody Mary.

And the name of the 5th one is very tough so please read it from the screen.

And yes we have heard that ghosts feed on fear.

The person who is scared the most, they scare them more.

We have seen in the films that the person who is scared the most he dies first.

That's why we will be fierce and try to joke to make it fun.

Okay that was just a dog.

And in today's video, we are expecting clarity after trying all the methods.

And what we are doing is not easy and not a joke so we tried to talk to a paranormal expert.

We need to confirm what all should we keep in mind while trying these methods.

And we want to know the dos and the don'ts.

How should we talk to them?

And let me warn you to use your headphones and watch the video because if I see a ghost for real I am gonna abuse.

Let's hope for the best.

Let's call!

Yes before we call the spirits we will call the paranormal expert.

Hello spirits!

Hello, Jay!

Hi, how are you?

I am good!

Firstly, we want to ask you how do we identify if there is a paranormal entity around us?

What I have understood from my 10 years of career so far mostly it's a feeling of something hitting you.

For a few seconds.

For nanoseconds.

And it's like a breeze, it hits you and passes through you.

For a second you feel like something supernatural or paranormal has happened.

The feeling of being watched is the most common paranormal phenomena across the world.

Approximately 30 million cases are reports are based on this each year.

They felt they were being watched and somebody is watching them.

Okay, Jay, there are many techniques to connect with supernatural powers or to get a sign.

So if they want to talk to us, if we get a feeling what should we do at that time?

The thing you are describing is called necromancy.

Necromancy means to use different techniques to establish communication with the other world.

The other side of the coin is that if the spirits from the other side want to contact us.

This can happen too.

And their way we can't ever know.

Okay, Jay if they want to contact us for real what should we do to keep us safe?

Supernatural or Paranormal world is something where only your belief system can help you.

Follow your belief system firmly.

And I am sure that your belief system will help you conquer the situation.

We did not plan it but it's exactly 12 am.

And it's time to begin the first method.

The most import elements of this method are these pencils.

One pencil has to be kept horizontally and the other has to be balanced on it.


We have seen many videos of this methods on YouTube.

We have made four quadrants - Yes, No, Yes, No.

We will ask charlie some questions and according to those videos the pencil will move if there are spirits around you.

It sounds fairly simple.

For some reason, I don't believe this method but there are videos in which the pencil actually moved.

Charlie Charlie are you here?

What the f**k!

Charlie Charlie are you here?

Charlie Charlie are you here?

But when we were talking about this method I was not scared but since it's 12 am now I feel uneasy.

I won't say I am scared.

People say that you need to ask Yes/No questions to Charlie in this method and if the spirit is around then the pencil will move and give you a Yes/No answer.

But the important thing is to finish this game.

If you leave this incomplete then something unfortunate can happen.

So let's start.

1,2,3 start!

Charlie Charlie can we play?

Okay again!

Charlie Charlie can we play?

Okay I want to ask frankly that why are these candles flickering if there is no wind here.

Why is the candle flame so high?

This can be a sign.

Spirits give you such signs when they are around.


Not even kidding.

It can be just because we expect something of this sort to happen.

One second but I have never experienced goosebumps by just expecting.

Unless I felt something.

I don't know so let's give it a benefit of doubt.

Can someone tell me what's up with this candle?

Okay let's!

Okay fine!

Let's focus here again.


As soon as we start talking about the flame of the candle it shrunk again.

It was this big just now.

It automatically became equal to the rest of them.

And suddenly all the flames are not flickering.

Actually, none of them is moving.

Shall we start again?

1,2,3 GO!

Charlie Charlie can we play?

Charlie Charlie can we play?

The place we are sitting there were many people who felt strange things here.

The couch that you see there, once a producer slept on it after a late-night shoot there.

And he nervously woke up between 3 to 4 in the morning and he said that he felt someone sitting on his chest and strangling him.

It was 2016, it was winter just around the time of Diwali, I was sitting on this table to edit.

If you stay till late in the office you would find no one except you.

So I did my work and I went out and as I took the right to take use the stairs I felt goosebumps.

I could feel someone near me.

I rushed downstairs.

Then I took my tea and came up same thing happened but I crossed fastly this time to avoid anything fishy.

And these stories have led us here to follow these methods to find-

I was f**king scared!

The noise was too strange.

Show me!

This has heated up.

I guess no one is interested in play this late.

The spirit had his dinner and is probably sleeping.

But still just to be on the safer side and because of that candle.

I think we should do the stopping spell as well.

Yes! (x3)

If you have started something it is important to finish it as well.

Charlie Charlie can we stop?

Don't move now!

What if it points towards No.

For a moment when this candle was flickering I felt something.

Maybe we will get clarity in the next methods we are going to follow.

I don't know if I need a clarity or not because of the goosebumps.

You cannot goosebumps.

That was very real and the moment was a bit scary.

So believe us.

Ok I think we can end this method here.

See I won't lie I was scared by the candle for a minute but overall the method failed.

Also, people say that spirits don't connect to everyone so that may be the case here.

Should we try the Ouija Board?

Should we check if Charlie, Peter or anyone else is present here?

Like Saty was saying that Ouija Board is the most famous method to call spirits.

Have you ever tried Ouija Board in your life?

I haven't tried but I have heard a lot about it.


Are you Ok?


My sister once tried and she said the fridge in her room started shaking.

She was so scared that she had a fever for 3 days after that.

If you have seen the Scoopwhoop haunted video when Kaustubh kept baby powder here the CCTV footage reflects an Ob.

Check at 4.51 minutes and that is not an insect.

It moved and suddenly disappeared.

I have replayed and seen it several times you cannot track where the thing is going for some reason.

And we are using the Ouija Board at the same place to check if a spirit is present here or if it wants to say something.

But it is said that they know everything.

They can tell you things that you generally don't know.

So what would you like to ask if there is a spirit here?

I just want to ask when will I get an appraisal?

Very valid question.

Okay we both will ask this.

Okay now we have lightened the mood so let's do this fiercely.

Is any spirit other than us present here?

Is any spirit present near us?

Is any spirit present here?

What if we don't touch the coin?

If there is any spirit near us then please give us a sign.

If there is any spirit around us please give us a sign.

So Ouija Board is not working but I will tell you it's history.

So during the US civil war, many people died and people lost their relatives.

That time many people wanted to talk to their dead loved ones and then Ouija board became famous.

It became a brand and everybody started using it.

I think everybody has this thought to talk to the person who has left us for one last time.

I guess we just want to say that there is no right time to say anything to your loved ones.

But you need to take out time to say the things.

But this Ouija board didn't work.

We have talked a lot now let's move on to the next method.

The conversation gave me goosebumps, not the board.

My parents didn't have as much expectation from my board results as much I had from this Ouija board.

We did everything right but for some reason, it didn't work.

I think the spirits came but they were on mute.

Let's move on to the next method.

When you summon a fairy that is essentially used to call good spirits.

Before we start this method we want to ask you one thing have you ever seen this in your office?

You must have seen it on crossroads.

My family calls it Chorahe wali Mata because generally many suspicious things happen on crossroads.

So this goddess controls all those powers.

But what is it doing in our office?

Okay, so we are ready to start our next technique which is called summoning a fairy.

We have to make a circle with tiny footprints in this.

And parents often say that ghosts are attracted towards sweet things.

So we have to put something sweet on these tiny footprints.

And we have to chant a mantra.

Yes, we will make a small circle and we will make this small footprints walk on it.

We will put sugar on it so good spirits get attracted by it.

First I will make the small circle.

If you feel uncomfortable anywhere so please let me know.

I have a metal object and Ganga Water.

Okay, ready?

Little folk of flashing wings.

Little folk of dancing feet.

Here my words and give me blessings when we meet.

Little folk of flashing wings.

Little folk of dancing feet.

Here my words and give me blessings when we meet.

Little folk of flashing wings.

Little folk of dancing feet.

Here my words and give me blessings when we meet.

We have reached the centre.

But if there is any good spirit around us so please give us a sign.

Do you know whenever there is a spirit around you get a strong smell?

The feet turned around.

But that maybe from air.

I think this is the place where Kaustubh meditated and it is the same place where the goddess is.

After meditation, his mood was suddenly good.

He became very energetic.

And then I think no spirit can exist here at this place.

Because of the goddess?

I think so.

I think this method doesn't work at least for us.

It may be because we are together we are encouraging each other.

Let's try to the next method seperately.


Yeah, alone.

I think the spirit didn't like my circle.

So let's ride alone.

Is this the sign?

What now?

The winds.

So let's try alone this time to establish a connection with the other world.

This technique is called Bloody Mary.

In this, you have to stand in front of a mirror, light two red candles, open the tap and chant,"Bloody Mary" 13 times.

And mary will appear according to this method.

According to ancient culture, earlier people used to see their future in the mirror especially women.

When will they get married?

And those who saw a skull in the mirror that meant that person will be dead before marriage.

And since then people use Bloody Mary to know their future.

Let's go.

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!

I also read that in this technique when you say, Bloody Mary.

I felt something.


Maybe because I stopped in the middle.

Damn it!

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!

Tell Satyam not to laugh.

This might sound stupid to you but I felt for a second that my reflection that is not moving.

But I was moving.

For just half a second.

That scared me.

This technique is not working but there's another technique of Bloody Mary in which you stare at yourself.

People say that if you genuinely try to see a spirit then your mind tricks you.

So let's try that.


Nothing happened.

Nothing happened and no Bloody Mary came.

No one came and I am alone in this bathroom with a camera.

It didn't work.

I think these methods are very foreign.

Like the Ouija board and summon the fairy this too is not working Bloody Mary!.

When I read, it seemed like the scariest technique.

Okay so this is strange because I didn't see anything while saying Bloody Mary.

But when I heard Saty laughing and I told Biswas to make him quiet.

But Saty is doing Bloody Mary experiment in some other washroom.

I seriously think that Biswas and Saty are trying to prank me because why not?

So this our last method for today to call a spirit.

And it is called Summon a Andromalius.

This is a method to call demons and demons are known as bad spirits.


And it is said that there should be a clear motive before you start this method.

To take revenge or to find something that you have lost.

After smelling Camphor I could only picture my temple but here we are trying to summon evil spirits today.

For that, we have to go into meditation mode.


I don't know bur the situation where these spirits are around you then you lose control over your emotions.

Like tonight sometime we are scared and sometimes we are laughing.

I feel a weight on my head.

But that can be because we were up all night.

The sigil that we have used here is called the Demon Sigil.

According to this, we should be scared, spirits must contact us but frankly, after meditation, I feel at peace.

I feel better from inside.

Is that because the spirit is around or not?

On a serious note, when I was chanting Bloody Mary in the washroom were you laughing outside the washroom?

Absolutely not!


Honestly, I was in the other washroom and was doing the same method and Rohit told me that you heard me laughing.

Actually did it happen?

I clearly heard you laughing.

I didn't feel strange because I thought you guys were trying to prank me.

We wanted to but we didn't do it at that time.

I don't believe these guys.

But in this method, we felt nothing.

We did not feel anything and we didn't feel the presence of a spirit- good or bad.

But I felt good after meditation.

Yeah I feel good.

It's 5:30 am and spent the entire night in try methods to call a spirit.

But frankly speaking, none of the methods was powerful enough to be able to connect to a spirit.

Especially the Ouija board disappointed us.

Yes because I thought Ouija board will be the one in which would be able to connect with a spirit.

If you think we did the method in the wrong way please let us know in the comments.

Maybe we should try it again.

As Jay told many spirits don't want to communicate with you that may be the case in all the methods.

It is possible that Scoopwhoop spirits are camera shy.


Okay only the Charlie method on the terrace we had an experience.

Other than that we didn't feel unusual in any other method.

Because I still believe that during Bloody Mary, Satyam was standing outside the washroom and laughing.

Honestly, I was not doing this for sure but I felt something during Bloody Mary.

But seriously I want to check the footage that if the sound was recorded or not because I clearly heard you laughing.

And I was not even close to the room where you guys were.

I was not even close.

So maybe you missed me so made that up.

This is possible!

Okay doing this experiment the whole night in the office my opinion is still the same.

I still feel that there are powers around us that we don't get.

And we felt 5% of it during Charlie Charlie.

It was still 5% though.

So I am still curious to know more about Paranormal things which these methods didn't clarify but maybe other methods will.

And if you think we should try these methods under the guidance of an expert so please tell us in the comments.

Because it is possible that spirits didn't want to communicate with us.

Any other medium will help us communicate with them.

I think medium is very important.

Okay wow!

I read this in Maths.

We shouldn't have done this.

We will keep laughing and if you liked this video then like, share, comment and tell us a method we need to try or a method we should do properly.

But you please don't try this at home, okay.

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